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Creative Glass Ideas for Outdoor Spaces in Valinda, CA; Privacy Walls for Decks, Pivot Doors, Pool Fence & More

When you want to extend your living space outside, you may begin to look for ways to enhance your yard. You can create a comfortable and interesting outdoor living space in many different ways. Most people will add a deck, sun room, or gazebo in their backyard. However, you can spice things up a bit by adding custom glass to your yard features. M&M Glass would like to share a few creative ways you can use glass when expanding your living space outdoors.

Glass Privacy Walls for Decks & Balconies

When expanding your living space outdoors, many people want some form of privacy. You can create amazing privacy walls using glass. You can use sandblasted colored glass or frosted glass windows when designing your privacy walls. Glass privacy walls create a fun and modern look to the backyard and make a sitting area more interesting. You can also add outdoor light to create a more dramatic look. Your backyard can look like an outdoor club when using glass privacy walls.

Glass Pivot Doors

You may have seen beautiful, large glass pivoting doors in some of the more modern homes. These large pivoting glass doors make the inside of the home instantly become part of an outdoor living space. As newer homes may have this newer feature, it doesn’t mean your older home cannot have them as well. You can remodel your home and add these amazing pivoting glass doors to your home.

Frosted Glass Patio

When designing a patio, you can use a number of different materials to create an amazing enclosure. When designing the roof, or even if you want to add a siding or railing to surround the patio, frosted glass is the perfect option. This will certainly add flare to the patio. Frosted glass adds privacy as well as an interesting pattern. You can use frosted glass also for the railings, enclose the patio side, or even use it as the roof.

Glass Pool & Spa Fences

Some people love the modern look of glass. Many have even used them to surround their pools. Framed glass can be used as a pool fence and make the pool look clean and open. A glass fence is a modern approach to pool safety and it looks great. For those who may want privacy, you can used frosted or tinted glass walls around your spa. You will find you can get very creative with glass fencing and or walls for your pool and spa.

Glass Patio Table

You can request custom glass or even mirrors to create amazing outdoor furniture piece. You can create one of a kind table tops. Glass and or mirrors can make for awesome furniture pieces for your outdoor living spaces. You can also use glass and mirrors for outdoor d├ęcor as it is easy to clean.

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When designing your outdoor living space, consider using glass or mirrors in your design. It is a great way to create a modern and interesting outdoor living space. For custom mirrors and glass services, contact M&M Glass and schedule our services today.

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