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Custom Glass Shower Enclosures in Orange, CA; Clear or Frosted, Framed or Frameless Doors & More

When renovating a bathroom or looking for simple improvements to the current bathroom, installing glass around the shower and tubs can make a major difference. Glass enclosures can help make a bathroom look more open and clean. For those who want to have a glass shower or tub enclosure, there is a lot to consider. M & M Glass will share a few tips on how to choose the right glass enclosure for your bathroom.

Pros of Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

There are a lot of benefits of choosing to install a glass shower enclosure. First, you don’t have to worry about finding a glass enclosure that will fit your bathroom. Glass shower enclosures can be custom cut so they work with your bathroom design. As bathrooms can vary in design, and often be redesigned for a more custom approach, knowing that the glass can be cut to fit your bathroom removes much of the stress of finding pre-cut glass with the dimensions you need. You can also choose the type of glass you want to use for your bathroom.

Clear or Frosted Glass Shower Doors

The two major types of glass used for bathrooms are clear glass or transparent glass. The second type is frosted glass. Transparent or clear glass is fairly common as they tend to make a bathroom look open and clean. Most people will choose transparent glass. However, there are those who like a bit more privacy. For those who like privacy you can choose a frosted glass. Frosted glass can also bring in a visual aesthetic as well which may enhance the look of the bathroom. Depending on the look you want, you will have your choice of glass that will be custom fit for your bathroom.

Framed or Frameless Glass Shower

Another major thing to consider when installing a glass shower enclosure, is framed or frameless glass. Framed glass is a bit more sturdy option as the glass has a metal frame. The frame makes it easier to mount the glass and its hardware. However, it outlines the glass which can ruin the transparency effect. Many homeowners don’t mind the frame and often choose it as it does provide a bit more support. Frameless, as the name suggests, is a glass that has no frame. The glass is mounted without the support of a metal frame. To ensure the strength of the glass, a thick tempered glass is used. Small holes are drilled into the glass to mount the hardware. Frameless glass is growing in popularity as more and more homeowners love the clean look of the frameless glass. Along with different glasses to choose from, you will also have the opportunity to choose the look of the hardware. Glass enclosure will use hinges and handles. You can pick the color and style to create the look you want for your bathroom.

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When you want to install a glass shower or tub enclosure in your bathroom make sure to seek a professional service. A professional will cut your choice of glass and mount your choice of hardware. When you need help installing your glass shower enclosure, contact M & M Glass and schedule our services today.

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