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Facts & Myths About Frameless Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures in Monterey Park, CA

Frameless shower enclosures where once only found in nice hotels or high-end homes from years past. These days frameless shower enclosures are accessible to the general public and are becoming increasingly popular. However, not all homeowners, completely understand how frameless shower enclosures work or cost and as a result, they tend to avoid installing them. To help you be more informed, we at M & M Glass would like to share a few of the more common myths and set the record straight.

Can Frameless Shower Enclosures Be Damaged Easily?

Being labeled as difficult to maintain or will shatter without warning is one of the most common concerns that comes with installing frameless shower enclosures. However, these concerns are not legitimate. In order to increase their strength against potential cracks and prevent them from shattering, frameless shower partitions often feature thick safety glass. The chances of the glass shattering are slim if in the event your shower enclosure is installed correctly by a trained professional. Mold and mildew don’t grow on them which makes maintenance a whole lot easier because these enclosures do not feature metal components.

Are Frameless Shower Enclosures Watertight?

If in the event the frameless shower enclosure was not properly installed from the start, there is a higher risk of leaks. You never have to worry about frameless shower enclosure leaks or emergency glass repairs, as long as you hire a professional glass installation company like M & M Glass. Chances are it is sealed correctly, built with the correct structural elements, and feature the right drainage solutions if the shower enclosure is installed correctly.

Is a Frameless Shower Enclosure Expensive?

Though frameless shower fixtures are more expensive than shower-tub enclosures or framed enclosures, a myth that they are of an exorbitant price range. Due to the value they provide over the long-term, frameless shower enclosures have a higher upfront cost but are more cost-effective. The frameless shower enclosure is definitely a feature you want to show off to potential buyers if you sell your property.

Are Frameless Shower Enclosures Easy to Clean?

Clear glass looks elegant and adds the illusion of space to a bathroom is one of the benefits of glass shower doors is that the clean. This defeats the purpose of the installation if the glass becomes dirty or full of soap scum. Fortunately, keeping glass shower doors clean is simple. In order to keep glass doors looking pristine, plenty of products exist on the market. In order to keep water stains off the glass, some doors even come with protective coatings. To maintain clean glass, the epoxy added during manufacture makes it easy.

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