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Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures in Norwalk, CA; Clear, Colored, Tinted, Frosted or Textured Glass Options

When you want or need to replace an enclosed glass shower, you have a number of options that are more than just clear glass. Most people simply assume a clear glass shower enclosure is all that they can install. However, there are a ton of glass options that can add a unique design to your bathroom and even provide a bit of privacy. Today M & M Glass would like to go over the different options for an enclosed glass shower.

Can Shower Glass Be Tinted a Different Color?

When installing a shower glass enclosure you are not stuck with clear glass. For those who like the look of smooth glass, you can get tinted or colored glass. You can get glass with a tint that darkens the glass or even has an outward reflection to provide a bit of privacy. Not only can a tint or reflection be added to the glass but color as well. You can add a single color or an assortment of colors to create an interesting geometric pattern. With the right application of color, a creative scene can also be added such as birds, a bamboo forest and much more.

Frosted Shower Glass

Another shower glass enclosure option is frosted glass. Frosted glass adds a texture to the outside of the glass. The frosted section of the glass also helps to provide privacy while allowing light to still pass through the glass. Frosted glass can have a number of creative designs, geometric patterns and images. You will have a ton of frosted glass design options to choose from as you find the right glass shower enclosure for you.

Textured Shower Glass

Timid shower glass creates a very unique look and feel to the bathroom. For those who are not familiar with timid glass, this is a special type of textured glass. Unlike frosted glass that uses a sandblasting technique to create tiny indents in the glass, timid glass has the texture built into the glass itself. Timid glass forms a design or texture as part of the glass. When you want the glass to have a definite texture or design you will want to use timid. Along with a texture, timid glass can also be colored!

Benefits of Colored, Frosted and Timid Shower Glass

Clear glass does have its benefits, clear and frameless shower glass is invisible which makes a bathroom look very clean and bigger. However, some people want to add more interesting elements to their home’s bathrooms. When you want to have a more colorful or interesting looking bathroom, you can still have a glass shower enclosure. You can choose colored, frosted, timid or a combination of the two. With these types of glass you can create a unique theme or add color to an otherwise boring bathroom. Along with a more creative theme, colored, frost or timid glass provides more privacy for those who have little ones or other family members barging in while you are trying to take a shower.

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There are many different types of glass shower enclosures that you can have installed in your home. M & M Glass provides a wide range of shower glass enclosures. To begin designing your shower glass enclosure, contact M & M Glass today.

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