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How Do I Prepare My House for Replacement Windows in Brea, CA? Temporarily Cover & More

When a business or homeowner needs their windows replaced, they often wonder what they need to do to prepare. When windows are removed there is a large hole in the wall that can let air, pests and dust into the home. This leads to many questions such as “how long will window replacement take and how should I prepare?” M and M Glass will share how to prepare your home or business for window replacements.

Temporarily Cover a Broken Window & Fix Cracked Windows

While most window replacements can be scheduled for same-day appointments, depending on the type or location of the window replacement, it may take a few days to get the right window. If the window(s) are damaged, you can make some temporary repairs to secure the home and keep out dust and pests. If the window(s) have a crack, you can use duct tape to help seal the crack until the windows can be replaced. The entire window has broken and there is now a large hole? You will want to cover the window with a plastic sheet, and make sure the edges are taped down to seal in the home. In some cases a sheet of plywood can be used to cover the window.

Clear Space Around Window Being Replaced

Once you contact a window replacement service to come to your home, and while you wait for them to arrive, you will want to provide enough space for them to work. You will want to remove furniture, blinds and curtains inside the home. Give the workers at least five feet of space to work and more if possible. Any picture frames that are near the window should also be taken down as the vibration from inserting and screwing the window in can cause the picture to fall down. You will also need to create space outside the window as well. Remove outdoor furniture or other obstructions outside the window. Make sure to provide enough space inside and outside of the home for the window replacement technician to work. Along with creating space around the windows, you will also want to make sure they have room to bring the windows from their truck and into your home. In some cases the home may have a fence and gates enclosing the property. Make sure their truck can enter and they have enough space to remove the windows and bring the replacement to the site.

Keep Kids & Pets Away from Job Site

To ensure the safety of children and pets, make sure that they are kept away from the work site. If the home is undergoing full window replacement, you may want to consider taking your kids and pets to the park or over to a family or friends home. Windows can be very big and the glass is dangerous. As window replacement service takes every precaution, accidents can happen. It is recommended to keep children and pets away from the work site to help ensure their safety. Before the contractor arrives, consider the best solution for your children and pets safety while windows are being replaced.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Broken Window?

Once the contractor arrives, most window replacements can be done within one day. While the windows are being replaced, you may want to consider turning off your HVAC system. Since the windows will be removed air will come in and out of the home which will put stress on your HVAC system. Where most window replacements only take a day you may want to just have your HVAC system turned off.

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