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How Inefficient is an Old Window? Do New Windows Help with Energy Efficiency in Los Alamitos, CA?

In the state of California the temperatures stay warm all throughout the year. Along with those temperatures, we have a high UV index. Even with lower temperatures, high UV can still contribute to heating up the inside of your home and other buildings. The only defense a home and building has from the heating effects of UV light is our windows. Windows must be properly insulated. Along with insulation, a good tint on the windows can help reduce the amount of heat that enters into a home. When windows fail to keep out the heat, it is time to replace your home’s windows. M & M Glass will share how new windows can, in fact, help save energy and money on your power bill.

How Inefficient are Old Windows?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy most windows are poor when it comes to efficiency. This will include your home as well as commercial buildings. Window frames can develop leaks and the glass can crack, which releases the gas that is used to insulate the windows. Sometimes the poor efficiency may be due to poor installation. The window frame and the glass must be sealed to keep out the outside air and keep the conditioned air inside. When the windows are discovered to be inefficient in your home, you will want to replace the windows. Identifying windows that need to be replaced is an important step.

How Do You Tell if Your Windows are Inefficient & Need to Be Replaced

• The windows will get hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
• You can feel a draft or breeze when placing your hand near the window.
• You can not open or close your windows with ease.
• The windows appear cloudy or foggy.
• The windows have developed condensation.
• A healthy HVAC system runs more often than it should.

What are the Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows?

If your home’s windows has any of these signs then you will greatly benefit from new windows. These signs or symptoms are classic telltale signs of poorly insulated or installed windows. When you discover you need new windows you may be wondering how you can possibly afford window replacements. There are some upfront costs of window replacements. However, when you consider the savings, you will get your investment back. Properly installed quality windows can help reduce your home’s energy usage. When replacing windows you can save on average $150 to $450 each year, depending on the quality of windows.

Can You Just Replace the Glass in a Window?

For those who may not want to replace the entire window, you can retro fit your existing windows with vinyl or aluminum windows. The glass is removed, and a new framed glass is installed. This can help reduce the cost of replacing your window and help improve your home energy efficiency. There are many different options you can peruse when seeking ways to help improve your energy savings. You simply need to decide which one is right for you.

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When you have old windows that are costing you more money each month, it is time to replace your home’s windows. When you need window replacements, contact M & M Glass for window replacements and other glass services today.

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