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How Often Should Commercial Glass Doors & Windows Be Replaced in Brea, CA? To Meet Code & More

Commercial buildings use large windows and glass doors to make the building feel more inviting and to allow the natural sunlight to shine through. While there are a lot of benefits of using glass doors and windows, they do need to be replaced and repaired from time to time. The glass can be damaged and the seals will wear out. For those who manage or own a commercial building, you must be able to detect when the windows need to be replaced. M & M Glass will share some of the common signs when glass replacements are needed.

Glass Door & Window Damage

When the glass is damaged you will want to replace it quickly. Whether it is a door or window, cracked or damaged glass is a major safety hazard and will compromise the energy efficiency of the building. When there is visual damage to the glass or even the sealant around the edges of the glass are compromised, you will want to have the glass replaced. Often when glass ages leaks occur which allows the air from outside to enter in and the conditioned air from inside to leak out. When glass ages often you will see the glass fog up or appear cloudy. This is another clear sign of the age of the glass and that it is time to have the glass replaced. When windows are damaged you can either retrofit the window with new glass or even replace the entire window. You can consult your glass contractor service for which is the best option.

Code & Regulations for Glass Doors & Windows

Construction of commercial buildings, down to the windows and glass that is installed, must meet all proper codes and regulations. One of the challenging aspects of managing a commercial building is that you must meet all of the codes and regulations as they evolve and change. When your glass doors or windows no longer meet safety codes and regulations, you must update the doors, windows or possibly replace the glass. Check with local building codes and regulations as well as National Fire Protection Associations and see if your doors and windows or the glass is up to current codes and regulations.

Upgrade Windows when Rebranding Business

The look of a commercial building can undergo a lot of changes simply by replacing and changing the look of the windows, doors or just the glass. The reasons to change the look of a commercial building are unique. Sometimes it may be to rebrand or recreate a new image of a company. The building may have been bought out and is now an entirely new business. The glass can be tinted or the style of the doors and windows can help change the look of a commercial building while updating them at the same time.

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When you see signs to replace your doors, windows or even the glass in your commercial building, seek a professional glass contractor and service. M & M Glass provides commercial window and glass repair and replacement services and much more. Contact M & M Glass today.

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