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How Often Should Vinyl, Wooden or Aluminum Type Windows Be Replaced in La Habra Heights, CA?

It can be quite expensive to replace the windows in your home. Depending on the previous installation and how well you care for your current windows dictates when the windows need replacing, but unless they get damaged, they should last long while. If you suspect you have windows that need replacing, experts can come in and assess the conditions of your windows and offer advice on ideal upgrades to make your home more efficient. Today, we at M & M Glass would like to discuss how long windows generally last.

What Type of Windows Last the Longest?

Depending on the age of your house and the type of windows you have, is dictated by the longevity of your windows. Generally, a high-quality window installation can last up to 25 years, maybe more. What makes or breaks the longevity of your windows is the type of window you have and the quality of the installation.
– Vinyl Windows. If they’re installed professionally, Vinyl or PVC windows can last at least 20 years.
– Wooden Windows. These windows can last up to 50 years, though wooden windows require more maintenance. Just one of the maintenance requirements for wooden windows are sanding and painting.
– Aluminum Windows. They last longer than wooden windows and aluminum is a bit stronger than PVC.

How to Make Your Windows Last Longer?

Most homeowners want to keep their windows in good condition for as long as they can, though15 to 20 years is a decent time frame for home window replacement. During that 15-year time frame, there are certainly ways you can keep your windows lasting a little longer.
1) Use window treatments such as blinds or shades, or even curtains help protect your windows from inside dust and dander build up. They also make a great protective barrier against scratches or cracks if you have small children or pets.
2) Without slamming them shut, open and close the windows carefully, no matter your windows are new or old, open and close. Slamming windows open and close can jar the internal function of your window as well as the surrounding area. Open and close gently to minimize the wear.
3) Keep the windows clean to help them last. In order to keep them working efficiently and lasting longer, windows require more than just glass cleaning. The sills, track, and frame require a dusting once or twice a month. Difficulties opening and closing are the result of dirt and debris building up from the outside and inside.
4) Repair Sooner than Later. As needed, repair your windows. Because you never know when you’ll need to repair your windows, it is a good idea to have your home window replacement expert handy. You should seek your local contractor right away to get this taken care of, whether your windows are difficult to open or close, or perhaps the lock on the window has broken.
5) To help prevent water from getting in or drafts causing a temperature imbalance in your home, caulking and weather stripping your windows. The best way to maintain this is to have a strong seal around your windows, and leaks can be pricy.

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Triple or double pane windows are a great investment if you are considering replacing the windows. They are great at insulating your home and protecting it against weather damage in addition to helping you save money on utility bills. Also, they are noise resistant. Whether you need a window replaced or repaired in Whittier, CA, call in the professionals of M & M Glass and let us assist you.

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