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What are the Components & R-Value of Double or Triple Multi-Pane Windows in Your La Mirada, CA Home?

If it is time to replace your windows, you will discover an overwhelming amount of window options. When shopping around for windows, you will find single or multi-pane windows. When Investing in new windows for your home, your new windows should help improve energy efficiency and enhance the beauty of your home. However, are single pane or multi-pane windows the better choice? M & M Glass would like to explain more about multi-pane windows and how they differ from single pane windows.

What are Multi-Pane Windows?

Multi-pane windows are just like any other window. They allow natural light to brighten up your home, provide a view from the outside and help ventilate your home when needed. However, multi-pane windows tend to be more expensive as compared to single pane windows. So why invest in multi-pane windows? Multi-pane windows are better insulated which prevents the heat from the sunlight to warm up the inside of your home. With better insulation, your heating or cooling bill will not be as high and these windows can help you save money. This is because they have two to three panes of glass. The space between each piece of glass is insulated with a specialize gas that keeps the heat and cold out. Essentially, multi-pane windows are more superior than the single paned windows. If you are preparing to invest in window replacement, multi-pane windows are well worth the investment.

Components of a Multi-Pane Window

Multi-pane windows have similar components as any other window, but with a few extra features. The basic components of multi-pane windows are:
• Sash – The sash are the stiles and rails that come together to form a frame that holds the glass in place.
• Frame- The frame is composed of the head, jambs, and sill that forms the opening for the sash to fit into.
• Sill – The sill is the bottom, horizontal part of the window’s frame.
• Head – The head is the top horizontal part of the window’s frame.
• Jambs – The jambs are the two vertical parts of the window frame sides.
• Grilles – The grilles are only used on multi-pane windows. These are the bars that divide the glass into the smaller panes. The grilles are also referred to as the muntins, divider, or grids.

What is the R-Value of Double or Triple Pane Windows?

With a double or triple pane window, in between each pane of glass is a gas based insulation. It is the gases that is in between each pane of glass that improves the energy efficiency in your home. The gas is either Argon or Krypton, which improves the window’s thermal performance. Low-emissivity windows are these gas filled multi-pane windows. When looking to replace your home windows, you will want to look for low-emissivity or gas filled multi-pane windows to receive the best efficiency.

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When you are replacing your home’s windows it will be a major investment. Therefore, it only makes sense to get some return on this investment. Multi-pane windows can help you save money with their superior efficiency and increase the value of your home. For window replacement and other glass services, contact M & M Glass today.

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