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What is the Best Glass for Framed or Frameless Shower Enclosures in Westminster, CA? Half Inch Tempered Glass?

In modern and luxurious bathrooms today, there is a rage of glass shower doors and enclosures to suit your tastes, needs, and style of the bathroom. Within the bathrooms, the right shower enclosure can help showcase sophisticated stonework, intricate tile patterns, and lavish shower fixtures. When it comes to glass shower enclosures, you have quite a few options. With this in mind, we at M & M Glass would like to share a few of these options.

Shower Enclosure Glass Finishes

For the glass itself on your shower door and enclosure, there are a variety of patterns and finishes. As the prices range, there are glass options that can mask the fingerprints and water stains, patterned glass selections that can offer additional privacy. Patterns are also available in quite a few varieties such as rain, glaciers, bamboo leaves, and scrollwork, among others. Also, decorative patterns or even company logos onto you shower glass enclosure can be includes as well as etched glass, or sandblasted glass. There are even shower door options that come with mullions inside them to give the appearance of a picture window.

Is Tempered Glass Good for Showers?

Shower glass is tempered glass, that is heated and then rapidly cooled and has safety in mind specifically. It responds differently if it breaks with this process, making the glass much stronger than ordinary glass. So it doesn’t easily fall, instead of shattering into sharp, dangerous shards, tempered shower glass breaks into small pieces that interlock with neighboring pieces.

How Thick Should the Glass Be on a Shower Door?

Shower glass is available in varying thicknesses from a minimum of 3/8” to a thicker but more expensive ½” choice. If you have a particularly tall shower enclosure or door, the ½” glass may be needed to prevent bowing. Especially when used in a frameless enclosure, some people choose ½” glass because they feel it gives an overall impression of strength. A consideration of the installer is the weight of this thicker glass against your tile walls, however.

Shower Enclosure Glass Frames

In order to support your glass shower, you will need to choose either a frameless, framed, or semi-frameless enclosure.
Framed Shower Enclosure. Around the glass is made into a framed shower enclosure, some form of aluminum or composite finish. There are a variety of finishes that only enhance the any décor including bright, vibrant, polished brass, mirror-like finishes, popular brushed nickel finishes, and even painted finishes such as black or white, framed shower enclosures, like glass options.
Frameless Shower Enclosure. A frameless enclosure, on the other hand, does not rely on any metal to support its outer edges. It is held together by metal fasteners and hinges, and it comes in a variety of colors and finishes.
Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosure. Semi-frameless is an enclosure that has a more noticeable frame around the outside edge of the shower but not around the shower door itself since it still provides an unobstructed view of the tile and interior of the shower. As you likely noticed looking into the shower glass enclosures. Any of these can enhance your bathrooms’ style and décor.

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