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Why are Commercial Building Windows Tinted in Norco, CA? Save Energy, Reduce Heat, Protects Interior & More

Commercial buildings often have large windows to allow plenty of light to shine through during the day which lights up the inside. Windows also help productivity as it makes the office or workspace feel more open. There are many other reasons why commercial buildings are often designed and constructed with large windows. As windows have a lot of benefits, there are a lot of problems as well, such as UV damage, overheating and more. M & M Glass will share why it is essential for commercial buildings to have their windows tinted.

Tinting Windows Helps Save Energy

One of the main reasons that commercial buildings should always have their windows tinted is for better energy efficiency. Commercial buildings will use large windows all along the outside of the building. Since commercial buildings have so many windows that let light in, it can cause hot spots and even overheat the inside of the building. To help reduce the heat entering into the building the window can have a reflective or tinted film installed on the glass. The tint or reflective film can help reduce the amount of UV rays that pass through the window. This will improve the building’s overall energy efficiency since the HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain the indoor temperatures.

Tinting Windows Reduces Heat & Wear of HVAC System

Since windows can allow heat inside the building it can force the HVAC system to work longer and more frequently to help maintain the temperature inside the building. Not only does the extra work cause the energy bill to go up, it can also cause premature wear on the HVAC system. The frequent and prolonged HVAC cycles will only wear down the components faster leading to more repair and premature HVAC replacements. To help extend the life of the HVAC system, window tinting can help reduce the amount of stress that impacts the HVAC equipment.

Window Tinting Helps Protect Interior & Improves Indoor Comfort

When the windows are not tinted the UV rays of the sun pass through with ease. The light from the sun can make surface areas very hot. For those who have an office or desk near the window, it can become very uncomfortable, which in turn reduces productivity. Additionally, the windows can act as a magnifying glass and intensify the sunlight causing a sunburn and even skin cancer. Adding a tint or a reflective film can block out the UV rays that can cause skin cancer

Window Film Boosts Security

For buildings that contain expensive equipment or products, the business may not want to let the public know what is inside. Not only does the window tint prevent public view, some types of film helps prevent the windows from being shattered and broken into. Security window film is a great way to help increase security which is essential in retail centers.

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There are many more reasons as well as benefits as to why windows in commercial buildings should be tinted. For those who find they want their windows tinted, contact M & M Glass. We do residential and commercial window tinting and more. Contact M & M Glass and schedule our services today.

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