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Are Glass Shower Enclosures Safe & Easy to Keep Clean in Avocado Heights, CA? Do Glass Showers Leak Water?

Have you been considering updating your bathroom and you think you might want to install an enclosed glass wall and or door? Upon researching the pros and cons about an enclosed glass shower, you will come across some common myths or misconceptions about enclosed glass showers. To help you better know the facts and not the myths about enclosed glass showers, M & M Glass would like to debunk some of these common myths.

Glass Shower Enclosure Myths & Facts

Myth 1. Enclosed glass showers are hard to keep clean. One of the major benefits of installing an enclosed glass shower is that they are easy to keep clean. If soap scum or water stains develop on the glass, it can be removed with the proper cleaner and a fine scraper tool. Unlike a shower curtain, glass will not develop mold or algae and will never need to be replaced because it has gotten to dirty. Out of all of the shower enclosures you can install, glass is actually the cleanest and easiest to maintain.
Myth 2. The glass cracks or shatters easily. Many people fear that the glass will shatter or crack if you slip and fall. When a glass shower shatters it can leave large sharp pieces of glass that can lead to major injury and even death, right? Well, no, not really. The glass used for frameless or framed glass shower enclosures are designed to be extremely durable. Additionally, the glass is tempered which means if for some crazy reason the glass shatters, they will break into tiny pieces, preventing major injury. The glass is also resistant to corrosion and other elements that can weaken other materials. Simply put, glass shower enclosures will not crack or shatter easily and are designed to be extremely durable.
Myth 3. Glass shower enclosures are too expensive. When comparing a glass shower enclosure to let’s say, a show curtain, the glass may seem way too expensive. However the glass enclosure will last forever with the proper care. Additionally, if you cannot afford to pay the entire price up front, many glass companies will allow payment plans. Another major consideration is that glass enclosures adds value to your home which if you decide to sell in the future, you will make your money back. Before you assume you cannot afford a glass shower enclosure, talk with a glass installation service first can see what your enclosed shower will cost you. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Myth 4. Enclosed glass showers leak a lot of water. Where some people may say their glass shower leaks a lot of water, the fault isn’t the glass but the contractor. If the glass shower enclosure was poorly installed you may have water leaks. However, in general, a properly installed shower glass system will not leak. This is why it is important to seek a reputable glass contractor that promises a quality job.

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These are some of the common myths about glass shower enclosures. Hopefully we are able to clarify the truth and bring more understanding about the benefits of an enclosed glass shower. If you want a glass shower enclosure or require other glass services, contact M & M Glass today.

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