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Are Glass Stair Railings Worth It in Los Alamitos, CA? Safety of a Dadoed, Standoff & Clamped Railing

Many people love the look that glass brings to their homes and businesses. Glass is used in many different ways, including as staircase railing. There are different styles of glass railing used in homes and businesses. For those who like a modern or rustic look, glass railings can be used. However, some people wonder how safe they are and if it is a good choice. M & M Glass would like to share more about glass railings and see if glass railings are right for you.

Glass Railing Safety & Other Benefits

There are many benefits to installing glass railings. As safety is a major concern, it helps to know that the glass used for railing is designed to be strong and withstand impacts. The glass used for railing is a tempered glass which is heat treated and stressed to change its physical composition. Tempered glass is very strong and if for some crazy reason there was enough force to break the glass, it shatters into tiny cube like pieces and not the large and sharp pieces that are much more dangerous. If there is any other safety concerns, the glass can be laminated as well. This holds the glass together if it happens to break. However, tempered glass doesn’t break easily which is why it is one of the safest glass to use inside the home. A solid glass railing has many benefits. One is that it makes any area feel more open and brighter. You do not have to worry about kids sticking their head or arm in between railing posts and getting stuck. Additionally, glass brings a classy element into the home.

Types of Glass Railings

There are many different types and styles of glass railing. Each brings in its own unique feature to the home. Additionally, glass can be customized to ensure it fits your home perfectly. Here are some of the more popular style or types of glass railings:
Dadoed Glass Railing – Dadoed railing uses a combined look of sleek, elegant and modern style. No spindles are used and the glass is secured in place by using a sound newel. The glass is also secured within a frame of the newels and provide a sleek and seamless glass design.
Standoff Glass Railing – A Standoff glass railing is held in place by a base rail. The glass is secured by using clamps which is attached to the actual staircase. Due to how the glass is installed, the glass can be positioned an inch or so off of the ground or flush to the ground. Standoff glass railings are more popular as decks or overlook railing but can also be used for staircases.
Clamped Glass Railing – As the name suggests, the glass panels are clamped in place. This style glass adds a bold and unique look. Clamped glass railing also uses newels to create a seamless glass piece that goes across your staircase. This makes the railing look much cleaner.

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Glass is a great material for staircases and other areas that require a safety railing. If you want to see if glass railing will work in your home, contact M & M Glass today.

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