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Commercial Glass Repair & Replacement in Baldwin Park, CA; Broken Seals, Visible Damage, Cost & More

It may be confusing when choosing between repairing or having to replace commercial glass. To make effective decisions for your business, it is vital to consider the defects in your commercial glass. Additionally, consider the costs between the two options to make a choice. Commercial glass usually has a longer lifespan when it has been professionally installed and it is properly maintained. Unfortunately, commercial glass still has some vulnerabilities that will require repairs or replacing it altogether. Severe climatic conditions or exposure to scorching heat as well as defective materials were installed or inadequate U-factor according to the climatic conditions. In any case, we at M & M Glass would like to further discuss repairs versus replacement of your commercial glass to help you make the best decision for your business.

Commercial Glass Repair

It is better to repair them if your commercial glass has suffered minor damages, ultimately. If the minor damages include the minimal dents or damages on the glass, windows do not to open and close properly, cracked caulking, and so forth, repairing your commercial glass is ideal. The cost of repairing the windows should lesser than replacing them. Keep in mind that repair costs will vary depending on type of damage, type of window, the repairs or material replacement that is required.

Commercial Glass Replacement

It is high time you replace them if the following problems emerge in your commercial glass. Below are the major issues that warrants window replacement.
1) Leakage & Foggy Glass. You may opt for the replacement option if you observe your glass is getting foggy or water leakages through them.
2) Seals are Broken. Broken seals are one of the irreversible damages caused to the windows and ultimately the commercial glass. Due to high temperatures or other factors, damages occur along with the seals, leading to breaking or cracking. The seals break from the condensation due to fog formation. The damp seals may expand and contract if fog frequently occurs. The damp seals may expand, and contract should fog frequently occurs. It loses its integrity after the seal has dried. Since it is difficult to separate the seals from glass panes and repair or repair them alone, it would be a practical option to replace your glass and the whole window as a whole. Basically, you may likely have to replace your glass and/or windows if you have broken seals.
3) Damage is Visible. Visible damage may occur due to long exposure to severe climatic conditions, including high precipitation, storms, high temperature, or other natural disasters. Scratched glasses, broken glass frames, or shrinking seals or gaskets includes examples of the visible wear and tear.
It would be better to replace your glass if these issues have manifested.
4) Thermal Integrity is Lacking. The rate at which the glass of your windows may transmit non-solar heat flow is the U-factor. The U-factor of your commercial glass may significantly reduce due to a large number of drafts, leakages, or gaps in the glass.
5) Repair Charges and Maintenance Costs are High. Due to frequent repairing, costly maintenance services, or purchasing spare parts over time your commercial glass might not stay cost friendly. Should the windows become highly demanding, and you frequently invest time and resources to repair and maintain them, it is in your better interest to replace them.

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A great way to do that is by replacing them with new, sleek and modern commercial glass if you are planning to upgrade the architectural structure of your offices or companies. There are many options with modern advances. Call M & M Glass today if you need commercial glass repairs or replacements in Whittier, CA and let us assist you!

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