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What is the Best Type of Privacy Glass to Obscure View in Cerritos, CA? Patterned, Laminated or Other?

If there is one thing that most people value, it’s their privacy. Privacy is an important part of life. There are several different ways that you can make sure you have the privacy that you need. Some people put up fences, others will make sure there are window coverings on all their windows. Another way to achieve the privacy that you’re looking for is with privacy glass. There are several different types of privacy glass to choose from too. M & M Glass is here to talk about all the different privacy glass options you have to choose from.

Patterned Glass

One of the most beautiful privacy glass options available to you is patterned glass. This type of glass has a pattern that is either rolled or stamped onto the glass surface. This can be quite the design statement in your home. It will obscure view and still allow plenty of light to pass through the glass. This way you don’t have to give up the natural light while still getting that privacy you’re looking for.

Laminated Glass

There are a variety of different options within laminated glass to choose from for privacy. You can determine how much privacy you want. The laminated glass color ranges from almost all the way to 0% transparency or opaque. The great thing about laminated glass is that the interlayer is also going to help with sound dampening to add an additional layer of privacy to your home.

Frosted Glass

There are a couple variations of frosted glass to choose from. Some frosted glass is created using sandblasting and others are created with satin etching. Something to consider is the fact that sometimes when sandblasted glass gets wet the glass becomes clear again which defeats the purpose of the glass in the first place. Satin etched products are usually much better for privacy because of this.

Tinted Glass

When you choose tinted glass, you usually have shade of blue, grey, green bronze and gold to choose from to get the privacy you want. With tinted glass, you will be able to decide the degree of privacy you want as well in the shades of tint you choose. If you choose reflective tint, it will give you absolute privacy and still give you the ability to clearly see out of the glass.

Printed Glass

You also have the option of printed glass for privacy. Digital and screen printed glass is completely customizable and a popular choice in commercial and office settings. It’s a great way to advertise your company’s logo.

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If you are looking for privacy glass for your home or business, you can turn to M & M Glass as we offer custom glass to help you achieve the privacy that you need. We have several options to choose from and can give you our recommendations as we help you find just what you’re looking for. Call us today!

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