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Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting in Chino, CA; Decorative & Safety Film & More

Commercial business owners are always looking for ways to save money and to improve the work environment. When a business or commercial building owner needs to update their windows to reduce UV light damage, glares and heating the inside of the building, one of the best ways is to tint the windows. Tinting the windows can help a commercial building in many ways as there are many different types of window tints. To better see which type of window tinting is right for your business, M & M Glass will share the benefits of window tinting and the different types of tints.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting?

Window tinting is when a tint is applied to the window using the same method as applying a tint to a car window. Depending on the type of window tint you add to your business windows, the benefits will vary. In general, window tinting provides a protective layer that blocks out UV light. This will help reduce how much heat enters the building through the windows. Window tint can reduce sun glare and protect the office staff from UV light damage which can cause skin cancer. Window tinting can also provide privacy if that is desired. Depending on your business type, you may want to have privacy. However, if you need your windows visible to the public there are windows tints that still provide visibility.

Types of Commercial Window Tints

To further see the different benefits of the different types of commercial window tints or films, you need to see your options. Some of the common types of window tint film, but certainly not all, are:
Decorative Film – There are some window tinting films that are decorative. Some films have colorful images that are used to dress up the building and windows. Some of the most common uses for decorative window tints are for daycare, schools and for children playrooms. However, there are a lot of different decorative patterns that can enhance the building’s aesthetics, whatever it may be.
Frosted Film – For businesses that want a bit of privacy, frosted window tints or films are often used. Frosted tints not only can be used for exterior windows, but for interior windows as well. Some offices will have large glass panels that act as wall. When an office uses glass for walls or partitions, frosted glass can be used to provide a bit of privacy.
Mirror Film – Another privacy tint option is mirrored or reflective window tinting film. This type of window film acts like a mirror from the outside but can be seen through from the inside. This window tint also adds an aesthetic flare to the outside of the building.
Anti-Graffiti Film – Many commercial and public buildings will have an anti-graffiti film. As the name suggests, this film prevents graffiti from sticking to the window and make cleaning paint from off the glass easy. For commercial or public settings prone to graffiti, anti-graffiti film is a must.
Safety Film – Many storefronts, retail stores or banks will have safety film applied to their windows. If the glass breaks due to an impact, the safety film will hold the glass together. It will prevent shards of glass from spreading and potentially harming employees and guests.

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