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Signs You Need Commercial Glass Replacement in Fullerton, CA; Condensation Inside Windows & More

Retail store fronts, office buildings and many other commercial settings use glass doors and windows. Glass doors and windows help to bring in light and make a store more inviting. As glass is a major component to commercial buildings it is important to properly maintain the glass. However, over time the glass and the sealants will wear down and eventually the glass will need to be replaced. It is important to identify when this time comes. M&M Glass will share some of the common signs that it is time to replace the glass for your business building.

Windows Hard to Open or Close

When you have windows in an office or other commercial buildings and you need to have the windows open to help ventilate the building, the window should open and close with ease. Once windows become difficult to open and/or close, this is a classic sign that it is time to replace the windows. You are not just replacing the windows because they became a pain to use, but to ensure windows do not jam, or remain slightly open. Windows can become difficult to open and close if the hinges or tracks become rusted or corroded. When windows become difficult to open, this is just one sign that reveals the window’s age and wear.

Condensation Inside or Outside Windows

Many windows in both commercial and residential settings will have multiple panes. In between each pane of glass is a krypton gas that is sealed up inside. These multi-pane glass windows are designed to improve insulation and improve the energy efficiency. When the seals between the panes wear down, the gas will leak out and the windows will no longer provide the needed insulation. How to know when the krypton gas has leaked out? The condensation or moisture will build up inside the panes of glass. Depending on the type of window, it can have two to three panes of glass. Once the condensation begins to build up inside the pane, cold air can also enter the home or building. To ensure insulation and proper efficiency, when you see condensation building up in the windows it is time to replace them.

Leaking Window

A leaky window is never a good thing. When a home or business has window leaks, the inside temperature will never be stable. As a result of unstable temperatures, the HVAC system will run much more often. When your heating and or cooling bill steadily increases, this is a classic sign you have window leaks. Another common sign that the windows have a leak is loud noises from outside. When a window is properly insulated, you should not hear too much noise from outside. When you can hear every car go by as if you were standing on the sidewalk, your windows are not sealed or insulated. Not only will you have a higher utility bill, but you will also have the distraction from outside. When you can hear everything outside and or a higher utility bill it is time to replace the windows.

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