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How Do You Plan a Walk-In Shower in Pico Rivera, CA? Frosted, Etched or Other Tempered Glass?

There are several reasons why a homeowner might want to have a walk-in shower installed in their home. For one, as people age, they can be helpful and lower the risk of tripping and falling. Other reasons might include disability and even attempting to make a smaller bathroom look larger. If you are thinking about installing a walk in shower in your bathroom, you want to make sure you do it right. M & M Glass is here to talk about some ideas that might take your walk-in shower to the next level.

Add a Shower Bench

If you’re putting in a walk-in shower, you might want to consider adding a bench to the space. This can increase the functionality of the shower. If you hav someone that has a hard time walking and standing, it can be helpful to have a bench to sit on while they are using the shower. Even if you don’t have any disabilities, it can be helpful to have somewhere to sit down while you wash your feet, shave or engage in any other function that takes place in the shower.

Consider Multiple Shower Heads

Whenever you see a shower that has multiple shower heads in it, the space oozes luxury. Not only can it make your shower look more luxurious, but it can also be a functional option for the walk-in shower. You will be able to ensure that ever part of your body has been rinsed properly during the washing process. It can also help to accommodate families and parents that are trying to assist small children with showering.

Add Unique Tile Designs

When you are designing a walk-in shower for your bathroom, this is a great opportunity to have some fun with designing the space. Consider using tile to make a design statement in your shower space. Tile has a way of making the bathroom look luxurious as well offering great functionality. You don’t have to worry about tile in these areas where heavy water usage is concerned. You can easily clean tile showers and count on the tile lasting many years before needing to be replaced.

Storage Solutions

You want to make sure there will be spaces in your walk-in shower to put shampoo, conditioner, soap and other items that you would use in the shower. Consider having some shelving installed in the shower to accommodate these purposes.

Don’t Forget the Glass

You are still going to want some design and privacy at the same time with your walk-in shower. You can turn to M & M Glass to help you find the perfect frosted or etched glass to take your walk-in shower to the next level. You can opt to make a large portion of the walk-in shower glass or just add some for a design element. Either way, you don’t want to forget that glass is something you need in a walk-in shower.

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