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Can You Replace Just the Glass of a Window in West Covina, CA? What is the Most Effective Way?

When you have foggy, cracked or leaking windows, you may wonder which would be the best option. Should you have the glass replaced or should you invest in replacing the entire window? It would be much more affordable to only have the glass replaced. However it is usually only a temporary solution. As windows begin to age they will develop more and more problems, eventually needing the entire window replaced. M & M Glass will break down what to expect from glass and total window replacement to help you make the best choice.

Is it Better to Replace Glass or Whole Window?

When a window is compromised with cracks, is leaking, or is foggy with trapped condensation, you can have the glass replaced and resealed. You can also take the window’s damage as a sign that it is time to have the whole window replaced. When it comes to comparing which one is best, it helps to realize that glass replacement is a temporary option where a total window replacement is a permanent solution. The glass can be replaced but if the window’s framing is wearing down or has a problem, replacing the glass will not repair the entire window. At some point, the entire window will need to be replaced. Essentially, replacing the glass is a temporary option, but it is the most affordable. It will be much more cheaper to replace the glass than the entire window. If you cannot afford a total window replacement, it would be better to have the glass replaced.

When to Replace Just the Window Glass

There are certain scenarios where it would be better to replace the glass than the entire window. When you have a broken single pane window, a new sheet of glass can be installed. Single pane windows do not have the same considerations as multi-pane windows and it makes perfect sense to have the glass replaced. Another time glass replacement is optimal is when the window’s frame opening or the sash is still in great condition. Other times you may want to have the glass replaced in older or historical homes where you want to keep everything original. To maintain the home’s historical value, you do not want to go replacing the entire window. However you do need to have the glass replaced.

When is Window Replacement Needed?

When to replace the entire window often depends on the condition of the window’s frame. When the frame is cracking, weakening, or is damaged, replacing the glass will not fix the problem. The entire window will need to be replaced. Another time when you will want to consider replacing the windows is when the windows are 20 years or older. Older windows are not nearly as efficient as modern windows. Modern windows use insulated multi-pane glass windows that can improve the amount of heat that passes through the glass. Additionally, modern windows are better designed so that air cannot leak through the edges of the window. You will have better energy-efficiency with a new window.

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