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Common Window Issues & Solutions in Rossmoor, CA; Replacement of Rotted Frames, Cracked Glass Panes & More

The windows on a home are often underestimated. They are an essential part to the heating and cooling of your house. They keep the chill out of your home in the winter and the heat of the summer where it should be, outside. That is, if your windows are working as they should and are in good shape, that’s what they do. M & M Glass is here to talk about some common issues we often see with windows and how to solve them.

Importance of Windows that Work

What many people forget about windows is that they are there for safety measures. That is why every bedroom has to have a window in it. If there a reason that someone would need to get out of the house in a hurry, it is through the window that they would do it. If the window can’t properly open and close, then you have a problem. There are several reasons that a window can’t open and close at it should, too. Some windows have been painted closed; others have tracks that are misaligned and don’t allow the window to freely move up and down or side to side. If you have had a foundation that has settled, it can also cause your windows to be difficult or impossible to open. At any rate, if you can’t get it to function on your own, it’s important that you call a professional to take care of it.

Replacement of Window Frames are Warped, Cracked or Rotted

If there are issues with the frame of your window, it can truly render the window useless. Anytime you see that there has been damage, you should call on a professional to come and size it up. There may only be a board that needs to be replaced. When the damage is severe, you could be looking at a full window replacement though.

Replacing Cracked Window Pane

No matter how careful you are with your windows, you are more than likely to have a pane crack at one point or another. This can happen more often when you have kids playing baseball in your backyard or if you live on a golf course. Usually when you have a cracked pane, the pane alone can be replaced without replacing the window completely.

Fixing Drafty Windows

If you have a draft coming in from a window, you know that hot and cold air you are paying for is also escaping. When you stand by your window, you shouldn’t be able to feel any air coming in or out of the window when it’s closed. If you do, you need a window specialist to come size up the problem right away.

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