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Glass Retrofit Replacement or Installation of a Full Frame New Construction Custom Window in Buena Park, CA?

If the custom windows in your home have reached the end of their life, or you want to upgrade to higher energy efficiency windows, you will start thinking about replacing them. When it comes to replacing the custom windows on your home, you can go about it a couple different ways. You can either retrofit the windows that are there or turn to new construction windows. They both have their pros and cons, naturally. M & M Glass is here to talk about both options so you can easily make the decision that best fits your needs.

Benefits of Retrofit Custom Window Installation

When you choose to have your current windows retrofitted, the only thing that is actually replaced is the glass in the windows. A new glass window is cut to fit perfectly inside the opening of your original window frame. There are many benefits that come with choosing this option over new construction.
– Aesthetics: When you stick with the original windows in your home, it is beneficial to the appearance and functionality for your home.
– Cost: You won’t spend as much money with a retrofit. There are less materials used during replacement of the glass and the labor isn’t going to cost nearly as much either.
– Less Involved: When the glass is the only part of the window getting replaced, the siding or stucco on the outside of your home won’t need to be removed to make room for a new window.
– Saves Time: You can expect the installation process of retrofitting to be much quicker and less invasive than new construction windows.
– Improved Efficiency: Even though you aren’t replacing the entire window, you will still see that there is a big jump in efficiency in your heating and cooling systems.

Installing a New Construction Window in an Existing Home

When dealing with custom windows, complete replacement with new construction windows isn’t always the best choice for you. However, if there is any damage to the window frame like rot or mold issues, you will be better off replacing the whole thing. Sometimes years of wear and tear can do a number on the window frames in your home as well. Also, if for any reason you are replacing the walls or siding on your home, you will have to do a full replacement of the windows too. The process of replacing your construction with new construction windows is more costly and takes considerably more time to accomplish. If there is any way to retrofit your current windows, that is definitely going to be more cost effective.

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