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What to Look for when Buying Replacement Commercial Windows in Norwalk, CA; Display or Privacy Glass & More

As many business owners well know, the location of the business is essential. For those who have storefront locations, the window and glass used for the store plays a major role. The storefront glass needs to be beautiful and pertain to the nature of the business. When replacing the upgrade for the storefront glass you will want to buy the right types of glass. M & M Glass will share a few tips when buying new storefront glass.

Privacy or Display Glass?

When choosing a commercial storefront glass you will want to first consider what the doors and windows need to do. Understanding the purpose of the glass can better help you narrow down the best type of glass for your business. For example, do you want clean clear glass to show off store goods or would you like to provide some privacy for your customers and use a tinted or frosted glass? Depending on the nature of the business privacy is a major comfort you can give customers and improve your business. If you have a waiting lobby in the front you do not need clear glass to put your waiting customer on display. However, if you have a retail store or an art gallery would want to show off the treasures inside. For commercial buildings that are used for an office it is best to use glass with a tint or reflective surface to help make the office more comfortable. With the glass’s purpose in mind, let’s begin to examine the different types of glass and there benefits.

Clear Glass

Clear glass is one of the better choices of glass for retail or other businesses who want all of the foot traffic to see their store or business. Clear glass also lets in lots of natural light during the day and helps make a store feel more welcoming. However, clear glass that is facing the direct sunlight can make the inside of the building feel very hot. Therefore, it is recommended to add a slight tint to the glass to reduce the amount of UV light. However, do not over tint or use a super reflective film or no one will be able to see inside the store.

Frosted or Tinted Glass

Frosted or tinted glass is often used when privacy is needed. Tinted glass creates a professional, almost office like look to the front. For those who have a storefront business and you want to provide privacy, frosted glass is highly recommended. Frosted glass brings more personality to the store and still allows natural light to come into the building. However, frosted glass distorts the view to the inside, but provides privacy for your customers.

Security Glass

Storefront businesses are very vulnerable and you will have people walking in and out of the store daily. To prevent break-ins or the glass breaking or shattering, you will want to invest in security glass. If security glass happens to break, it will not break into sharp pieces. The inside of the glass is coated with a laminate that helps to hold the glass together. Security glass will help prevent the store from break-ins and potential harmful glass.

Tempered Glass

Another option for security and safety is tempered glass. Many storefronts use a tempered glass to improve safety. If the glass happens to break, the glass will crumble instead of break in large sharp pieces. Tempered glass is also much harder to break and this makes it durable against frequent use. However, if your store will be a target for a break-in such as a jewelry store, security glass is recommended.

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