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Emergency Storefront & Other Window Board Up Services for the Security of Your Retail Business in Whittier, CA

When impending disaster is looming, it’s important to mitigate losses with board up services of your retail store or other business. Whether a severe storm is in the forecast or looters are expected in your commercial district; don’t leave your premises vulnerable. M and M Glass outline why you should invest in window board up services.

What are Window Board Up Services?

Your windows are among the most vulnerable entry points into your store or other business. No matter whether vandals, looters or high winds and, window glass is much easier to break through than solid wall. Window board up services is just like it sounds. You hire a company like M and M Glass to board up any windows through which an intruder could gain access to prevent theft and damages as well as liabilities that are far more costly that a window board up service.

Tension Window Board Up of Storefronts & Other Windows

M & M Glass use the superior tension window board up method preferred by the property preservation industry. Rather than simply screwing a board to a window frame (and damaging it in the process), the tension method of window board up requires 2” x 4” lumber and carriage bolts to secure plywood between the inside and outside of the window frame. As no screws are used, there is no damage to the window frame and no screws that can be removed. Carriage bolt heads are convex and must be unbolted to be removed, which offers enhanced security.

Benefits of Boarding Up Windows

Following are some of the benefits of calling M and M Glass to board up your business’ storefront and windows.
Prevent Property Damage: Anticipating a riot or storm, and boarding up your windows prior, can save you the money and hassle of replacing broken windows and stolen inventory as well as repairing other property damage. Even if your building has already suffered damage, you can cut your losses by hiring a professional company to board up windows until they can be replaced.
Keep Vandals Out: Boarding up windows helps deter theft and vandalism. It also prevents the liability issue if an intruder were to enter your commercial building and sustain an injury.
Retain Insurance Coverage: After a natural disaster, your first instinct should always be to call your insurance company. Boarding up your windows ensures the best coverage for your claim because the boards help prevent further wind or water damage.

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Leave the task of boarding up your windows to the professionals at M and M Glass. Our team will arrive at your business with quality and durable materials, ready to quickly and efficiently cover the storefront and other windows at your commercial premises. Our proper placement and suitable lumber and carriage bolt fastening method ensures the boards last for as long as required without inflicting further damage. To schedule board up services in the Greater Whittier, California area, just call M and M Glass today.

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