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Should Walk In Shower Glass Enclosure Go to the Ceiling in La Mirada, CA? Size, Framing Opening & Other Basics

Whether you start the day with a rejuvenating shower, prefer to close the day with a relaxing shower, or even both, having the right shower can really make a difference in your daily routine. For most homeowners, their walk-in shower features a stunning glass shower enclosure. Today, we at M and M Glass would like to discuss the basics of planning your shower that is encased with a beautiful glass enclosure.

Walk in Shower Size, Framing Opening & Location

You’ll need to choose the space where your new walk-in shower will be, should you be doing a major remodel of your bathroom. Be sure to take into account the desired layout and keep in mind that moving the plumbing network is an expensive and time-consuming process. The plumbing will already be in place selecting a location for the new shower close to the existing setup. You need to consider the space available should you decide on overhauling the shower. Also, decide if you want to expand the shower space, or if you prefer space within the bathroom. In the event you want any shower upgrades, like spa panels, now is the time plan on those upgrades or if you want to transform the space into a wet room, with a tub behind the glass.

Shower Plan & Budget

A bathroom remodel can average anywhere from a couple thousand dollars or as much as tens of thousands. If money is not a concern, then this step is simple enough, however, there is a limit to the budget, remember to have a buffer zone for last-minute upgrades or in case the project runs over cost. The size of your bathroom, layouts, choice of materials and fixtures, as well other features all need to be factored into the overall cost of the bathroom project. Ultimately, when you decide on the detail and budget of the shower, your goal should be to benefit from a return cost. One better investment is picking a higher grade of glass and a simpler surround.

Consult with Professional Glass Experts

Hiring a contractor is much like performing a job interview. With the best price available you want to ensure quality workmanship. Estimate are among the first asked questions when sifting the contractors. Ask if contractor is willing to itemize the bid, which is particular and essential element for larger projects. Be sure to clarify if the bid is an estimate or fixed price.
Verify anyone who works in your house that they are bonded, licensed, and insured. Don’t be afraid to as for references and do your due-diligence and research reviews online. Inquire the estimated time it will take to complete the project and any potential delays. Additionally, ask about other projects they are working on to learn scheduling.

Choose Shower Glass

Once all the above information has been worked out, designing the shower is fun part. Don’t neglect your glass choices as you are likely to spend time focusing on the shower surround and fixtures. You have choices that affect its appearance when it comes to the glass and no matter if you choose a framed or frameless enclosure a heavy-duty glass.
Look at some pictures of the alternatives before you settle on standard tempered glass. Since it doesn’t have the characteristic green undertone of standard shower glass, many homeowners opt the HD glass. Glass can also be different colors, texture, as well as translucent options such as patterned or frosted glass.

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