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Exterior Glass Wall Design in Santa Ana, CA; Which Glass is Best, How are These Walls Supported & More

Anytime you choose an exterior glass wall for your home, you are choosing a modern way to bring the outdoors in. This is the perfect way to bring ample light into your home. It can not only make your room feel much larger, but it will also bring with it a feeling of elegance. When you pick a glass wall for your home, there are some considerations that you should think about to make sure it is the right choice for your home. M & M Glass is here to talk about the impact an exterior glass wall can have on a home.

What is Exterior Glass Walls or Infills?

If you have never seen an exterior glass wall, it may be hard to picture what one would look like in your home. An exterior glass wall is a wall leading to the outdoors of your home that is primarily made up of glass. It can be several glass panels or panes together, or some homeowners choose to have a combination of those two together to build their exterior glass wall. The way that your glass wall is constructed will likely depend on where you live.

Which Glass is Used & How are Glass Walls Supported?

Like mentioned above, it depends on where you live when it comes to how your glass wall will be constructed. There are several environmental things that you need to think about during the planning and designing phase of your wall.
– If you live where there is a lot of sun, you may need to have reflective low-emissivity or Low E glass installed to help protect your home from harmful UV rays.
– If you live on the coast, you may need to have glass installed that can withstand strong winds. It is often referred to as hurricane glass.
– For areas that experience extreme weather, whether it is hot or cold, will most likely need to have double paned glass installed for their glass wall for efficiency purposes.

Exterior Glass Wall Design

There is a lot that goes into the designing and building aspect of an exterior glass wall.
– Dimensions: You will need to decide if your glass wall will be just one wall or multiple walls. Not only that, but you may need to incorporate a door into your design. Here you will think about panel design, framework, placement and more.
– Engineering: There is some engineering that goes into a glass wall as well. There may be a need for frames pillars to support the weight of it all.
– Doors: You will possibly need a door to get in and out. You will need sliding or swinging doors to complete your wall.

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