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How Can I Make My Windows More Energy-Efficient & Reduce Energy Loss in Brea, CA? Check for Air Leaks & More

With spring is here, and everyone is preparing for summer. The summer heat makes it a constant battle to keep the inside of your home or building cool. During the summer your power bill can also triple simply by keeping the inside cool. To help improve your energy efficiency and to better insulate the inside of the home or building, you will want to turn your attention to your windows. M & M Glass will share a few tips on how you can improve your energy efficiency and how to prepare your window for this summer season.

Check Windows for Air Leaks

Faulty or aged windows can greatly impact your home energy efficiency and not in a good way. Windows can have leaks, cracked glass, and poor insulation. You will first want to do a thorough inspection of all of the windows. You will want to look for broken or cracked glass which reduces insulation and allows for leaks. If the windows has fog or condensation between the glass panes, then the windows are no longer insulated. Make sure the windows can open and close properly. If they do not close properly it will allow air to leak in or out. Faulty or damaged windows will cause major energy efficiency problems, and often cause a higher power bill that you will need to pay.

Glass Pane Replacement

If you have windows with broken or cracked glass, or have condensation between the panes, the windows will need the glass replaced. You will want to have the glass pane replaces and the insulating gas refilled between the panes to help insulate the window. Glass replacement is one of the cheapest ways to improve your energy efficiency when the window glass is compromised. Window cans have the glass replaced and not the entire window. If you do not have the means to replace the entire window seek glass replacements and have the glass replaced with more energy efficient glass.

Upgrade Existing Windows

Often there comes a time when a home or building will need window replacements. Older homes and buildings do not have the same window efficiency as modern buildings and homes do. Window technology has greatly improved and you can replace the windows with more efficient windows. New windows use energy efficient glass and two or more panes that are insulated. Often the material around the window frame can also develop leaks that need to be resealed. However new windows will ensure the frames are properly sealed and installed. If you live in an older home or manage an older building, new windows can greatly improve your energy efficiency.

Tint Windows

If your windows are in good condition and you are not ready for window replacement, another option is to tint the building or home’s windows. There are a number of different types of window tint that can help improve the energy efficiency. You can have a reflective tint put on your window which will provide privacy as well as energy efficiency. You can also put a dark tint on the windows which will help reduce the amount of UV light that comes through the windows.

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These are a few ways you can ensure your windows are helping you improve energy efficiency. For window and other glass services, contact M & M Glass today.

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