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How Do I Decide Between Window Replacement & Repair in Los Angeles, CA? Are Windows in Bad Condition & More

If your windows were struck, impacted, or in other ways damaged, you will need to decide whether to replace the window or seek repairs. There are some major factors to consider when repairing a window versus replacing it. To help you make the best decision, M & M Glass will share some of the concepts so as to better help you know when to replace or repair your broken windows.

What Type of Windows I Have in My House

Depending on the type of window you have, repairs may not be possible. For those with double or triple paned windows, it may be better to replace the windows. Even if the pane of broken glass can be repaired the argon gas insulation is gone. Even if the glass is repaired, you will not have the same level of insulation. For those who have a single-paned window, these windows are great candidates for repair. For those with double or triple panes, repair is possible but it is better to replace these windows instead of repairing them.

Cost to Fix or Replace a Window

Sometimes you need the more affordable option. Not all people can have the entire window replaced. If your budget is on the tight side, window repair is often the better option. However replacing a broken pane isn’t the best solution for multi-pane windows. If you must only repair these windows, you will want to save up for future window replacement as your insulation is compromised. If you have the budget, replacing a multi-pane window is best. However, if you are tight on money, repair is the next best option.

Are Windows in Bad or Good Condition?

The condition of the window is another major consideration. If you have newer windows that are still in great condition, repair is the sanest choice. However if the window is not in great condition, you may want to consider replacing and even seeking window upgrades. When windows have condensation, mold, and leaks, they should be replaced. Repairing these windows will help but not fully improve your home’s energy efficiency. Another part of the window that needs to be inspected is the window frame. If the window frame is broken or rotted then this is another good indicator that you should replace the entire window versus a simple repair. Many people that have wooden window frames will retro-fit their windows with vinyl or aluminum frame windows. These window frames do not rot like wooden frames do and they will improve the home energy efficiency. For those with broken wooden windows, you may want to consider retro-fitting your windows with more efficient and long lasting frames.

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When to repair a window by replacing the glass does depend on a number of different factors. There are a number of pros and cons to repairing windows or replacing the windows. You will need to decide which one is right for you. When you have a broken window and you need to repair or replace your windows we can help you. M & M Glass provides windows and other glass related services. Contact us today.

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