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How Do You Make a Sliding Glass Door Glide Easier in La Mirada, CA? Lubricating Tracks & More

One of the best ways to get in and out of the back of your house while allowing the most natural light into your home is with a sliding door. As convenient and affordable as they may be, the track that they move on can become a problem over the years. It is important that you keep that rack of your vinyl sliding glass door lubricated so that you don’t run into any problems with it. M & M Glass is here to walk you through the process of lubricating your sliding glass door.

Remove Sliding Glass Door from its Track

While it may be obvious that you need to remove the sliding door from the track before lubricating it, this is a process that is not as easy as it may sound. There are several steps that are involved when removing the door.
– At the bottom of the door, there are adjustment screws and screw covers. This is certainly going to be a two-person job as you loosen and remove these screws and covers.
– As you move the adjustment screws away from the middle of the doorway, you will need to center the door in the middle of the opening. A screwdriver can prove valuable as you move the rollers to where they need to be.
– The person you have helping you will then tilt the door toward them and then move it out of the way completely. Once you have laid the door on the ground, you can start on the tracks.

Lubricating Sliding Window Tracks

The most important thing to know and remember when it comes to lubricating the tracks of your sliding glass door is to find out what type of tracks you have. Some of them are made of wood while others are made of vinyl. Depending on the type of track you have, you will need to get the lubricant that is formulated for the track specifically. Vinyl tracks will require a silicone based lubricant. It can be difficult to find these specific lubricants, but a glass professional will be able to easily find what you need to handle the job for you.

What is Best Lubricant for Sliding Glass Doors?

When you don’t get the right lubricant for the job, you could wind up with a mess on your hands. When picking out the right lubricant, you should avoid any that are oil or grease based. They may help with your problem for a short while, but eventually, they will end up making things worse.

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