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How Do I Decide Between Window Replacement & Repair in Norwalk, CA? Single Pane Windows & More

The windows on your home are your looking glass into the outside world. They can beautify your home and add curb appeal to your house as well. If you live in an older home and have been wondering for quite some time when the right time to replace your windows is, you aren’t alone. Luckily, there are some signs that indicate it’s time to replace your windows when they aren’t working the way they should any longer. M and M Glass is here to talk about some signs you should watch for if your windows are older.

Single Pane Windows

If you have windows that only have one single pane, then you definitely want to look into replacing them. This type of window is the least energy efficient of any windows you have to choose from. Just by replacing them with double or triple paned windows, you will save a large amount of money on your energy bill.

Condensation on Windows

If you notice there is condensation between the panes on your windows, or even frost build-up, your windows are no longer doing their job. You shouldn’t see any moisture between the window panes. The layer of air between the panes acts as an insulator and when moisture is building up, the seal isn’t working right.

Window Drafts

When you experience extreme temperatures, you shouldn’t be able to feel any hot or cold air when you put your hand up to the edges of your windows. The seals on the outside of your window have most likely failed, and these drafts are a waste of your money.

What Happens to Windows as they Age?

If you notice the framework around the outside of your windows is starting to crack or rot and show signs of age, you need to start considering replacement. The change in weather from hot to cold over the years takes its toll on your windows, and eventually they just start to breakdown.

Should a Window Be Hot or Cold to the Touch?

At any time, hot or cold, if you can feel it when you put your hand on the window pane from inside your house, your windows aren’t properly working. They are allowing too much of the outside elements into your home. You shouldn’t be able to feel a change in temperature when you place your hand on your window if they are working the way they should.

Broken Window Glass

If you even have a small crack in any of your window panes, they should be replaced in order for them to provide protection from the elements like they should. Sometimes you can have a single pane replaced, and others, the entire window will need replacing. It all depends on the severity of the broken glass.

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If you notice any of these issues with your current windows, it is time to consider replacing them. There are times that they can be repaired, but you might find that you can actually save money when you have new windows installed on your energy bill. M and M Glass offers new window installation as well as window repairs for those windows that have a few years left in them. Call us today for an appointment.

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