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Types of Glass Used in Commercial Business Construction in Buena Park, CA; Safety, Privacy, Tinted & More

The impact that windows and glass can have on a commercial space is often overlooked. It can have a dramatic impact on the way the building looks and feels. If you are choosing glass for your commercial building, you need to know what kinds of glass are out there. The different types of glass usually fall under two different categories, appearance and functionality. M & M Glass is here to walk you through some of the different types of commercial glass so you can choose the one that best fits the needs of your business.

Types of Interior Design Glass Aesthetics

The type of glass can have a big impact on the way your windows look. Some people choose the glass for their commercial building with aesthetics purely in mind. Here are some of the different types of glass to choose from.
– Transparent Glass: This type of glass will give you the most natural light possible. This can be helpful in eliminating the amount of natural light that is needed as well as how much you use the heat on colder days. You can save a ton of money on energy bills with transparent glass and add beauty to the space because of the natural light.
– Tinted Glass: For some areas in your building, the natural light may be too intense which leads to heating up the building too much. It can also fade the furniture and flooring in the space. In this case, you may choose tinted or coated glass.
– Frosted Glass: Looking for more privacy without getting rid of the natural light? Frosted glass is a great option. It is beautiful and provides you with ample amounts of privacy.

Types of Functional Glass

The other way you can lean in a commercial building is functionality. This might be insulation properties, privacy, sound or other functions. Here are your functional glass options.
– Safety Glass: Safety and security is usually high on the list of priorities for business owners. This type of glass is going to be tougher as it is built to handle high heat and intrusions.
– Privacy Glass: If you are looking for privacy in your building, you can kill two birds with one stone and pick either tinted or frosted glass for the space. There is also smart glass that can auto tint with the press of a button.
– Heat-Reflective Glass: If you are looking for plenty of natural light but don’t want the harmful UV rays that come with them, heat reflective glass is probably the answer. It helps keep heated or cooled air in the building as well.

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