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How Often Do You Need to Replace Glass Skylights in Pico Rivera, CA? Should You Install New when Roofing?

If you are someone that loves your home flooded with natural light, there is no better way to get it than with skylights. Skylights have the ability to not only let light into your home, but they can give you a view to the outdoors you wouldn’t otherwise have. However, just like every other window in your home, they don’t last forever and will need to be replaced eventually. Some homeowners have asked if the best time to replace their skylights is when their roof is getting replaced. M & M Glass is here to talk about whether or not replacing your skylights when getting a new roof is the best time.

Should You Replace Skylights when Roofing?

When you are facing roof replacement, there are several different reasons it just makes sense to replace your skylights at the same time. Here is a list of reasons you may want to consider it.
– Skylight Damage: There is likely going to be damage to your skylight during the tear off process of your old roof. It can lead to seam failure, leaking and water damage if you ignore it.
– Cost of Skylight: Because you are likely to have damaged windows during the tear off process, it makes more sense to replace them when you get a new roof. It is far more cost effective to replace the windows before the roof has shingles on it. When you wait and replace your skylights a few years down the road, it will end up costing you more.
– Protected Warranties: When you have to replace a skylight later rather than while a roof is getting installed, it can void the warranty on your roof.
– Skylight & Roof Appearance: Replacing your skylight after your new roof is installed may mean that they can’t find shingles that match which can leave your roof looking patched.
– Replacement Schedule: When you replace these two things at the same time, they are then on the same schedule and will be ready for replacement at the same time in the future which simplifies the process for both.
– Skylight Technology: You may be surprised at the advances that have been made in skylight technology. Your home will most definitely benefit from all of the energy efficient technologies or even built in blinds that help you control light levels and the temperature in your home.
– Skylight Rebates: Some solar powered skylights offer rebates or credits on your federal taxes.

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If you are getting ready to replace your roof and have skylights in your home, this is the perfect time to replace your skylights as well. Although skylights come with varying life spans, the general rule is that they need replacing every ten years. It is definitely worth getting them checked if your building is around this age! At M & M Glass, we can help you choose the best skylights for your home. We offer a wide range of custom glass options that will allow all the natural light that you are looking for to flood your home. Call us today!

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