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Low-E Glass & Other Window Options for Your Renovation or Remodeling Project in Montebello, CA

As you get ready to start a remodeling project in your home, there are several different plans that you have to put in place. You will be deciding layouts, paint colors, design features and more when renovating your home. One thing that many people don’t realize can have a big impact on their home is the windows they choose for the space. Choosing new windows can play a role in transforming your space. M & M Glass is here to talk about some of the choices you have when choosing new windows for your home renovation.

What is Considered an Impact Window?

You may pay more upfront for your windows when you choose impact windows, but if you live in an area that sees severe weather, these windows may be worth every penny you pay for them. They are built out of materials that will offer your home an added protection and security since the windows in your home are usually the weakest point of the entire house.

Is Low-E Glass Good for Windows?

Low-E glass can help your home be more energy efficient with the ow emissivity thin coating that is found on the panes. This coating is thinner than a single strand of your hair, but it can have a big impact on the energy efficiency of your home. This coating is colorless and invisible to the naked eye. It can actually help to enhance the lighting in your home, all while it works to keep the heating and cooling costs down.

Are Double Pane Windows Effective?

You will certainly want to get insulated windows that are also known as double pane windows for your home renovation. The two pieces of glass don’t only add protection to your home, but they also will keep the hot or cold air that is outside from getting into your home through the windows. That barrier that is created with the two panes of glass will do wonders to keep you more comfortable in your home.

Do Solar Screens Really Work?

When you put solar screens on your windows, they can be installed either on the inside or the outside. This is a thin mesh that will help to block 90% of the heat that is generated from the sun through your windows. They will also boost your privacy, reduce glare and heat damage to the inside of your home.

Can You Tint the Windows on Your House?

There are also different types of window tinting that you can have put on the current windows you have if you are not interested in changing them out for new ones. Some of the different types of window tinting are solar, standard, ceramic, decorative and security.

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