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How Do You Clean & Remove Stains from Etched Glass Doors & Windows Without Damaging in Hacienda Heights, CA?

If you have chosen to have etched glass installed anywhere in your home, it is important that you know how to care for it. Etched glass needs to be cleaned a little differently than other types of glass to avoid damaging it. Of course, you are going to have stains, and spills happen that will require cleaning, so it is time to learn the best way to take care of those situations without causing damage. M & M Glass is here to walk you through the cleaning process.

Some Cleaners Can Damage Etched Glass

When it comes to cleaning your etched glass, you need to avoid using abrasive tools to do it. Don’t use scrub brushes, razor blades or steel wool to clean the surface. Along those same lines, you should avoid using abrasive chemicals to get your etched glass clean as well. You should avoid using ammonia, hydrofluoric acid, chlorine or fluorine to clean your glass. It is also important that you use plenty of water when cleaning etched glass to help avoid scratching the surface during the process. Etched glass can be a bit sensitive when it comes to cleaning. You need to be sure you aren’t using too much pressure when cleaning it as well as watching the amount of polishing you are doing. These two things can also cause damage that can’t be reversed.

What is the Best Way to Clean Etched Glass?

While cleaning etched glass can seem like a high maintenance situation, don’t be scared to clean it on a regular basis. All you need to clean it is some warm water and a soft sponge. If you feel the need to have a little bit of cleaner, put a few drops of a normal, alcohol-based window cleaner in your warm water and clean the surface. Once you have cleaned it, make sure the glass is then rinsed off and dried using a lint-free cotton cloth.

How Do You Remove Etched Stains from Glass?

Sometimes you may notice that there is some staining on your glass. To get rid of it, you can use a low pressure washer and warm water that is above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The combination of the warm water and the low pressure will help remove any staining that you do have. If that doesn’t work, you can mix together baking soda and vinegar. While vinegar is an acidic cleaner, mixing it with baking soda brings pH up a bit and reduces the acidity. This can be helpful in removing tough stains.

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