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Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger in Ontario, CA; Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure, Custom Mirrors & More

Do you have a small bathroom that feels super cramped and undesirable? We use our bathrooms every day and it should be enjoyed. If you hate your small bathroom and wish for a more open feel without major remodeling there are few tricks you can do. When you have a small bathroom you can use mirrors, windows, and an enclosed glass shower to help create a more open and even bigger feeling to the bathroom without tearing down walls. M & M Glass will share how to use these tricks to make a small bathroom feel bigger and more open.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

When you have a small full bathroom that includes a shower or bathtub, toilet and sink, often the shower or bathtub takes up a lot of space. To help make the space feel more open consider enclosing the shower or bathtub with frameless glass. You can use framed glass but frameless glass has no border and seems invisible. A frameless glass enclosure is a great way to open up the bathroom while still providing a water barrier. Enclosed glass showers or even bathtubs can essentially be customized. A glass installation service comes to the home and measures your shower and or bathtub and cuts the glass to fit. You can choose circular or square enclosures to create the look and feel you want in your bathroom. An enclosed glass shower or bathtub looks and feels great and even helps to modernize your bathroom.

Large Bathroom Window

Many homes are designed with very small and often high windows to ensure privacy. However, when you have a super small bathroom, if possible, consider replacing the window or adding a window. When a bathroom is on the exterior wall you have the opportunity to install a window. If a window is already present, consider installing a bigger window. When installing a bigger window it can help make a small bathroom feel much bigger. A bigger window can help allow more natural light. If you have privacy concerns you can install frosted windows or those with a privacy film. If there isn’t a window present, consider adding one if possible. In some cases, electrical or plumbing may prevent a window from being added. You will need to go over your home’s plans and see if it is possible. However, by adding a window it will greatly help make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Custom Bathroom Mirrors

Another great trick to help create the feeling of more space is by adding mirrors. Most bathrooms will have a single mirror and sometimes none at all. By using two or more mirrors, you can help create the illusion of a bigger space. Additionally, you can also create an interesting effect in the bathroom to make it more enjoyable. However, if using two or more mirrors is not your style, consider hanging a large mirror. A large mirror can help make a bathroom feel much bigger and more open.

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