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Best Exterior Commercial Glass to Improve the Security of Your Business in Corona, CA; Tempered or Laminate?

When you have to replace windows or glass doors for your business, it never hurts to seek out glass that will improve security. Not all glass is made the same or is equal. There are certain types of glass that can help improve with business security, especially for the exterior glass windows and doors. M & M Glass will share some of the best types of glass that can improve security of the business building.

Laminated Glass Windows

Laminated glass is a great choice for exterior glass features. Laminate glass is made of multiple layers of thick glass with an outer plastic film between each layer. Each layer of glass is fused with the plastic film which make the glass much harder to break. Rather than the glass breaking into sharp shards, the plastic helps to hold the glass together. With enough force laminated glass can eventually be broken but it is not easy and takes a lot of time.

Tempered Glass Storefront

Tempered glass is similar to laminate as it is harder to break and reduces the chance of injuring bystanders. Tempered glass is manufactured by using a quick cooling process that creates a texture that differs from traditional glass. There are two major benefits of tempered glass and one is that tempered glass is strong and can withstand high winds and impacts. If enough force was applied to tempered glass, the glass will not break into long sharp pieces. Instead the glass shatters into small pebble like pieces. These pebble pieces of glass make it safer and easier to clean up and reduce the chances of being cut. For those who want a strong glass and reduce injury, then tempered glass is another great glass option.

How Does Privacy Glass Work?

Privacy glass isn’t considered the strongest of glass types, but it still can help improve business security and more. Privacy glass offer has a reflective film which helps to reflect the sun away improving the energy efficiency of the business building. Privacy glass is mostly used to help improve energy efficiency and the glare of the sun. However, privacy glass can also prevent the inside of the building from being seen from the outside. When a business wants to shield the inside from prying eyes to help reduce the chances of theft, privacy glass can help. Privacy glass can be used to help improve security as well as energy efficiency of the building.

Bullet Resistant Glass for Your Business

For high risk businesses that have additional concerns, perhaps they may need bullet resistant glass. When the need for bullet resistant glass is present, it is important to know that there is a difference between bullet resistant glass and a bullet resistant film. There are four major types of bullet resistant glass. One is an acrylic security glass, as well as polycarbonate security glass, ballistic glass, and defender ballistic insulated glass.

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Depending on the nature of the business or the needs of the business the type of glass often chooses itself. There are many types of glass that can help improve the security of the building. If you need storefront glass door replacement or other commercial glass needs, contact M & M Glass today.

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