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Reasons to Replace Windows in Irvine, CA; Hard to Open & Close, Frost Between Panes, Rotted Frame & More

Windows are great. They help to light up the home during the day and provide a view of the outside. Without windows the home would be dark and claustrophobic to say the least. Windows can last for years. However, there comes a time where windows need to be replaced. M & M Glass would like to share a few signs that the windows need to be replaced.

Windows are Hard to Open & Close

When you open or close your windows and it takes a lot of effort, this is a classic sign that your windows are due for replacement. Windows should open and close smoothly. When they screech and grind each time you open and close them, they are out of place and even corroding. If your windows don’t open or close with ease, consider seeking out replacements.

Cold or Hot Draft in House

When you have areas, typically those with windows, that suffer from hot or cold drafts depending on the season, then your windows are most likely at fault. As windows age the home can shift and the weather stripping can wear down allowing the outside air to come into the home. Drafty areas not only make the home feel uncomfortable, but it is also costing you more money. When the windows allow air to enter and leave the home, the indoor temperatures are unstable causing the HVAC system to work double time. As a result your energy bill will be much higher. If you have drafty areas of the home and a higher energy bill then it is time to replace the windows in your home.

Condensation & Frost Forms Between Window Panes

Most modern windows are double paned which means there are two to three pieces of glass that are spaced out from each other. Gases are used as insulation between each pane of glass and then sealed. When the pane sealants wear out the gas can dissipate over time. Once the seal is gone, condensation can form during rain and even ice up during the winter. When there is condensation and or ice between the panes of glass then the windows are no longer sealed and are not insulating the inside of the home. If you are not feeling drafts yet, condensation is an early warning sign that it is time to replace the windows.

Age of Windows

Another great indicator that it is time to replace the windows is their age. Most windows will last about 20 years with proper maintenance. When windows are 20 years old or older, they are most like due for replacement. Not only are the windows worn out, but with modern technology windows are built more robust and have better efficiency than older windows.

Rotting or Damaged Window Frame

It is a no brainier when windows are damaged or the frame is beginning to rot that it is time to replace windows. Damaged glass means poor insulation and most likely leaks. Rotting frames can allow dust and air from outside to enter into the home and even damage the inner walls. When window glass breaks or the frames begin to rot, consider replacing the windows.

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