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What are the Main Types of Windows in Whittier, CA? Double Hung, Casement, Awning, Bay Window Styles & More

Windows can really make the outside of your home pop. Are you in the market for some new windows? Do you just hate your old ones and need an upgrade? Did you know that there are different types of windows? Picking windows might not be as easy as you think. M and M Glass is all about windows and wants to help you learn the different types, so you can find what windows work best for you.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a great window to choose from. They have two working sashes that allow you to slide both top and bottom windows up and down in a vertical motion. Unlike a single hung window that the sash will only allow you to move the bottom one. Getting a double-hung window can make cleaning windows easier because you can move both windows. You will also get great outside airflow when you open your windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are also known as crank windows. These are windows that you can open by turning a handle making the window swing outside. The window will either open up left or right. These are great windows if you like to open the windows to get fresh air in your home and have a clear view of your surroundings. These windows are often used for kitchens or bathrooms.

Awning Windows

The awning window has hinges on the top of the window. When you want to open an awning window, the window will swing outside from the bottom of the window. Leaving the top part of the window attached on hinges. These windows are great if you like to open your windows during the rain. Because the window swings out from the bottom, the rain still won’t get in your home. Awning windows are also great windows if you have a high place in your house that has a window that you still want to be able to open.

Bay or Bow Windows

A bay or bow window is a window that consists of at least three windows combined. They jot out from the house making a bow in your home. There are usually at least two windows that are at an angle coming together to the front window. The front window is oftentimes a large window. With bay or bow windows many times a double-hung window or a casement window are used, especially for the side angled windows.

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Windows are a great way to make your home look nice, bring in the fresh air and some great light into your home. So what windows work best for you? M and M Glass wants to help you get the windows you want in your home. Making your home beautiful and bright. Don’t forget that M and M Glass also installs Picture, Slider, Vinyl, Impact and other types of windows as well!

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