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What Should You Do About Broken Glass in Los Angeles, CA Due to Spontaneous Glass Breakage & More

When you have broken glass, whether it is a shower door, windows, doors or other glass features in your home or business, you will need to have the glass repaired. When glass breaks you must deal with a few different problems such as cleaning up broken glass safely, covering the site of the broken glass and seeking glass repair services. M & M Glass will share why glass breaks, and how to deal with the problem. Even though glass is strong and can last for decades, they can break. When they do they can break into tiny pieces or large sharp pieces. When glass breaks, the shards can be very dangerous and must be cleaned up carefully. Why does glass break? Following is some of the common reasons why glass breaks and what to do when it occurs.

Why Does Glass Shatter when Temperature Changes?

Glass does not handle sudden changes in the temperature very well. In fact a number of broken glass occurs when the temperature fluctuates quickly and dramatically. Glass is a bad thermal conductor, so when there is a sudden change in the outdoor temperature, it can cause stress fractures in the glass. Stress fractures can be very small and hard to see, but theses stress fractures can lead to further cracking. One example of how temperature can stress the glass is during the summer. When the glass becomes warm, the glass expands which leads to the fracturing. When the glass is cooled suddenly, the glass contracts, so it too can cause fractures. These fractures can become a weak point where the glass will crack or break easily.

Spontaneous Glass Breakage

It is often asked if glass can spontaneously break or shatter without any reason. Yes, it is very rare and only occurs in tempered glass. Spontaneous shattering occurs only in tempered glass because of the way the glass is manufactured. Tempered glass is heated very quickly and then rapidly cooled. This rapid heating and cooling process makes tempered glass four times stronger than other glass. Because tempered glass is very solid piece of glass, spontaneous breaking only occurs if there was a flaw in the glass. Flaws or imperfections in the tempered glass can cause the glass to degrade and one day, it will just shatter. The degrading is very slow and is very hard to see which is why glass appears to break without warning. Tempered glass spontaneous shattering is very rare as flaws or imperfections are carefully monitored.

Glass Weathering & Time

It is more common to see broken glass that is very old. Like other material used in the construction of a home or building, glass wears down over time. Glass is exposed to the elements inside and outside the home. After years of exposure from wind, rain, UV rays and temperature changes, this can make the glass brittle and break.

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When glass breaks you must be very careful and remove the loose pieces of glass. While you wait for the glass to be replaced, place a piece of wood or cardboard and tape the edges to ensure the inside is sealed. Contact a professional glass service and they can come and determine what type of glass is needed and cut them to fit. Having your glass repaired can be a quick and simple process. When you need broken glass repaired, contact M & M Glass today.

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