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What Can Mirrors Be Used for in Placentia, CA? Mirrored Walls, Fireplace Mantel, Wardrobe Doors & More

A mirror is a great way to enhance the look and beauty of a home. Mirrors can create interesting effects or bring elegance to an area. When you want to add a mirror to your home, many people will look online or in various stores in hopes of finding the mirror they are looking for. If you cannot find the right mirror for you, do not settle, you can seek out custom mirrors. When you discover the many options of custom mirrors, you can likely find what you want to fill your home with them if desired. M & M Glass would like to share some creative ways to use custom mirrors in your home.

What Sizes Do Mirrors Come In?

When it comes to custom mirrors you will be able to create works of art. You can request a number of different shapes and sizes of mirror or even multiple mirrors to create an image. When you have custom shapes you can use them anywhere in the home. However, the art would be better appreciated in living rooms, entryways, and kitchens.

Mirrors Make a Space Look Bigger

When you want to make a space feel bigger and warmer one of the best tricks in the book is by adding large mirrors. Mirrors can help make any area feel more open and brighter. Bathrooms are notorious for feeling small and cramped. By adding a large mirror you can help make the bathroom feel bigger. Another trick is by placing mirrors on opposite sides of one another. This creates a great effect and makes the space feel bigger.

Is it OK to Put Mirror in Front of Stairs?

Another great way to use mirrors in the home is around stairways. You can use mirrors in a few different ways when it comes to stairways. One way is to place a mirror at the bottom of the stair, this creates an expanded visual effect. Another way to use mirrors around stairways is to place a mirror on the wall behind the stairway, it will reflect the balustrade.

Decorate a Fireplace Mantel with a Mirror

Another perfect place for a custom mirror is over a fireplace mantel. Hanging mirrors over the fireplace adds bits of charm. You can have a mirror custom sized to fit perfectly over the fireplace mantel. The mirror can help reflect the flame inside the fireplace and enhance the mood.

Put Mirrors on Wardrobe Doors

A mirror isn’t just to create amazing effects in a home or add to the d├ęcor. A mirror has a function which is to reflect your image. One beneficial use for a mirror is in the master closet, or wardrobe. Using a panel sized mirror on the closet will help you preview your appearance. With the right mirrors you can have a luxury dressing room instead of just a closet.

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There are a ton of creative ways to use mirrors in your home. If you want to add custom mirrors to your home you will need to find a custom mirror provider. M & M Glass provides custom cut mirrors, big and small. We can create hanging or decorative mirrors for special events. For quality glass services, contact M & M Glass and schedule our services today.

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