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What Types of Glass Do Storefronts & Businesses Use in Cerritos, CA; Security, Tempered, Double Paned & More

Owning your own business in a competitive market can be both exhilarating and stressful. Selecting the proper storefront is essential to create the perfect sales opportunity. After all, first impressions are everything, and putting your best foot forward with the ideal storefront will help you rise to the challenge. Glass is not only beautiful and easy to maintain, it is eco-friendly. It will allow the natural light to shine through highlighting the items within. Storefronts can also increase your business as passersby get a sneak peek at your wares and who can resist venturing inside when an item catches their interest? Glass front doors on a restaurant are inviting. They can give your customers a glimpse of the food being served inside. In a nutshell, your storefront is an open invitation to come inside. The type of glass you select will affect the storefront’s appearance, but unfortunately, it can also affect energy efficiency, security, and many other aspects. Clear glass windows are a popular option, but there are several alternatives that you may wish to consider to ensure that your storefront windows mesh perfectly with your business and the items inside. M & M Glass offers helpful tips to choose the perfect glass for your storefront. Three things that you will want to consider when upgrading or installing a new storefront include:

Security & Tempered Glass Storefront Windows

Your storefront window is an effective way to invite customers into your store, but it can also present some risk factors, especially if you live in an area known for severe weather. Fortunately, several products available on the market will protect your store from the threat of inclement weather and even theft. Security glass is one of those options and is available with a layer of internal laminate or a layer of external film. If the glass is compromised, the glass will be held together by the film instead of shattering into pieces. Another option worth considering is tempered glass. Tempered glass is treated with several chemicals to make it stronger and risk breakage. If the glass does break, it will break into large pieces instead of tiny sharp shards, making clean up a much easier prospect.

Are Commercial Windows Energy Efficient?

By design, your storefront window is large and inviting, not just to your prospective customers but also to allow a good amount of natural light. Natural light has several benefits, but sunlight can quickly heat the interior of your business, forcing your AC unit to go into overdrive and your utility bills to increase. Install energy-efficient glass, for example, double-paned windows with Low-E protection to block out harmful UV rays. You will enjoy the benefits of the sun and natural light without the heat.

Tint Commercial Windows to Prevent Sun Damage

Among other things, sunlight can also damage fabric, causing items like clothing and furniture to fade, diminishing their appearance, and putting a damper on your display. While double-paned windows reduce sun damage, another option is to apply a tinted film to the glass to block out the sun’s damaging rays while allowing the natural sunlight to showcase the items displayed. Don’t be tempted to apply the tint yourself; instead, opt for professional installation to ensure a seamless finish void of air bubbles.
Your storefront is an open invitation to your customers and clientele, a beautifully well-appointed storefront can ensure the success of your business.

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