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What Exterior House Door & Window Glass is Best for Security to Protect from Burglars in Buena Park, CA

When you think about the windows and doors on your home, does safety cross your mind? Generally speaking, the glass windows and doors into your home are the weakest points when it comes to safety. However, there are different types of glass that offer more safety and security than others. When it comes to security and your home, most homeowners want the best. M & M Glass is here to talk about different types of glass that offer more security for your home.

Are Laminated Glass Windows Worth It?

Laminated glass is one of the most secure glass type you can choose for your exterior windows and doors because it made from two layers of annealed glass fused together with an inner layer of poly vinyl butyral (PVB). It is great at absorbing shocks and isn’t easy to break. There are many other advantages aside from the boosted security that laminated glass has to offer. It is clearer and offers far more visibility than other types of glass. You can also get solar control from laminated glass which can have a big impact on your heating and cooling costs.

Is Tempered Glass Better for Windows & Doors?

Tempered glass can be a great exterior glass for any home. It is often referred to as safety glass because of the reinforcement that makes it twice as tough as other glasses. When tempered glass breaks or cracks, all the pieces stay together rather than breaking apart. Some of the other benefits that come from tempered glass include an incredible reduced risk of injury since the glass doesn’t shatter like other types of glass. Also, tempered glass offers up to five times more heat resistance than other glasses.

How Strong is Heat Strengthened Glass?

Heat strengthened glass is a processed glass that offers a great deal more thermal resistance and is much tougher than other glass. It is one of the reasons it is a great glass to choose when it comes to security. You will also find that heat strengthened glass can handle thermal shocks much better and can handle more stress than standard glass.

Fire Rated Glass Doors

This is a type of laminated glass that has a layer of intumescence. It can handle a great amount of heat and prevent heat transfer. This glass doesn’t only protect you in the case of a fire, it is also harder to break and can handle thermal stress better.

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Choosing the right glass can set your house apart from others when it comes to security. While the different types of glass listed above can help boost your security, you can also purchase window locks, sensors and bars to boost security as well. If you are looking to change up your exterior windows and doors, you can call on M & M Glass to help you make the right selection that will help you achieve your goals. Call us today!

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