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Which is Better Framed or Frameless Shower Doors in Rossmoor, CA? Design, Style, Installation, Cost & More

Your bathroom is one of the most essential and functional spaces within your home. If your bathroom is outdated and you are considering upgrading, don’t forget your shower enclosure. New shower doors can take your bathroom from mundane to glamorous in next to no time. With so many options available, you may be wondering which one is right for you. The experts at M & M Glass have provided the following information regarding framed and frameless shower doors to help make an informed decision.

What’s the Difference Between a Framed & Frameless Shower Door?

Both framed and frameless shower doors are great additions to any bathroom, and both options have several benefits. Framed glass shower doors are designed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and will give your bathroom a clean, concise appearance.

Pros of a Framed Shower Door

Some of the benefits of a framed shower door include:
• Stability: Glass shower doors are made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to break off into small pieces instead of dangerous glass shards. The aluminum frame is lightweight yet sturdy and will protect the glass from damage.
• Easy installation: Framed glass doors are designed to complement all types and sizes of showers. Your M&M Glass technician can install your framed glass door quickly, correctly place your hinges and hardware.
• Efficient: Your framed glass shower doors are designed to keep water in, reducing the risk of trip hazards from spilled water. Your new shower door will run along a watertight track that is reinforced to keep shower spray inside your shower enclosure.
• Design options: Framed shower doors are available in several different designs, from modern to traditional. The choices are endless, from sliding to pivot doors and various frames and metals to reflect your personal style.
• Cost-effective: Framed glass shower doors are an economical option to upgrade your bathroom and will instantly improve the appearance of your bathroom.
Unlike framed shower doors, frameless shower doors are made from panels of tempered glass that do not require any support structure to operate. Frameless shower doors are well known for their modern appearance and functionality.

Are Frameless Shower Doors Worth It?

Some of the benefits of a frameless shower door include:
• Style: frameless glass doors are available in a variety of sizes and design options. Although frameless glass doors don’t require metal frames, you have the option of adding decorative hinges and handles to customize the look of your new glass door.
• Functionality: Frameless glass doors can be installed with hinges designed to pivot, allowing your new door to swing inward and outwards for ease of use
• Maintenance: frameless shower doors are easy to clean and maintain. The surface of your framless glass door makes clean-up easy; the lack of a frame resists the build-up of soap scum and other debris.
• Appearance: frameless glass doors enhance the appearance of your bathroom by making it appear more spacious and highlighting your tiles and stonework, creating a focal point for the room.

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