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What Part of a Window is the Sash in Garden Grove, CA? Double Hung, Casement & Other Types of Sash Windows

Have you ever experienced a window that is difficult to open and sticks? This is more than likely due to the fact that there is a problem with he window sash. The window sash is the frame that helps the window slide up and down, side to side or helps it crank open. When there is a problem with the sash, it can make the window difficult to use. M & M Glass is here to talk a bit more about window sashes and why they are such an important part of your window’s function.

Why are Sash Windows So Popular?

In most houses, even those that have casement windows, the house is equipped with sash windows. Sliding windows have a sash in them that allows the windows to move up and down or side to side. That is how you open and close the windows. If you have casement windows, the sash is attached to the crank that opens and closes the window.

What are the Different Types of Sash Windows?

There is no more than one type of sash window. Here are all the different types that you will see inside a residential home.
– Single-Hung: If you have a single-hung sash window in your home, there might be two sashes, but only one half of them can open and close. The other half of the window will be stationary.
– Double-Hung: Unlike the single-hung sash window, a double-hung sash window will have two sashes that are moveable. This means that you can open the window from both the top or the bottom. You can often tilt the windows into the house which makes cleaning them easier than other types of windows.
– Casement: These windows are opened and closed using a crank. The sash is connected to that crank. Some encasement windows don’t have a crank but require you to push them open instead.
– Spring-Balanced: These windows come equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism that is where a pulley system is on older windows.

Can you Replace Just the Sash of a Window?

It is important that you maintain your sash windows properly so you can avoid replacing them. However, there will be times that you need to replace your sash windows. Here are some of the issues that can become a problem with sash windows.
– If you have older wooden windows, there is a cord that helps the windows move up and down. Sometimes, the cord can become damaged and needs to be replaced.
– If you have a window sash that becomes damaged and needs to be replaced, it can be done if the damage only affects the sash.
– Rot is a common issue when you have wooden sash windows.
– When your windows don’t glide smoothly, you can fix it with the help of some lubricant.

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