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Why it is Important to Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows in Rossmore, CA; Better Insulation, UV Protection & More

Helping the environment doesn’t just mean walking along the beach to pick up trash, there are small things you can do from the comfort of your own home to reduce your carbon footprint in a big way. One of the hottest trends in today’s world is energy conservation and going green. If you’ve been considering making the switch, then thank you for your contribution to conserving Earth’s resources and stability. One small change you can make to your home is to upgrade your windows to newer, more energy efficient windows. The average home wastes 25% of it’s energy on air that escapes through the windows alone. If your air conditioning unit or furnace cycles frequently, this is a huge indication that you can benefit greatly from upgrading to energy efficient windows. If you’re still on the fence, M & M Glass is here today to explain some of the benefits you will receive in upgrading your windows.

Why are Energy Efficient Windows So Important?

Better insulation– As previously stated, 25% or more of the average home’s energy is lost to air escaping through old windows. Have you ever been sitting near a window, only to find that it is the hottest part of the room? You can literally feel the air escaping. You may be surprised to find just how effective energy efficient windows are at keeping the cooled or heated air inside the home. In turn, you won’t be losing all the air you’ve just payed for to keep your home comfortable.
Better for the environment– Since little to no air can escape through energy efficient windows, you won’t have to crank the temperature down on your thermostat as far as you once did. This means less energy consumption from your HVAC unit, and your home will use less power to keep your home cooled or heated year-round. Using less power means you will be using less fossil-fuel sources such as coal, or natural gas fired power plants, making your home eco-friendlier.
Lower heating and cooling costs year-round– Looking to cut costs on your power bill? This is a great way to slash that monthly cost and keep more dough in your pocket for more green home upgrades. You will be using less energy than you previously did, and it will save you money each month on your power bill. You can expect to save around 30% on your energy bill after the installation of energy efficient windows.
Tax breaks for green upgrades– In recent years, a new perk has been added to the way we file our taxes, green home upgrades, including energy efficient windows are eligible for tax credits. Check with your accountant to see how much you’ll save on your taxes from making the switch.
UV protection protects your valuables– Energy efficient windows come with a special UV blocking coating that blocks out heat, and 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Powerful UV rays radiating through a window can fade, damage and deteriorate furniture, leather, rugs, carpets, linens, wood and other home items. By blocking out the sun’s UV rays, you can preserve all the items in your home without having to hang heavy curtains up all year.

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Other benefits of upgrading to new energy efficient windows include increased noise reduction and reduced maintenance for years to come. These windows have an average lifespan of about 20 years when properly maintained and will make a great addition to your home. This is an investment you can make to increase curb appeal and add value to your home while helping the environment. Call M & M Glass to learn more today!

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