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Where is Frosted Glass Used in Homes in Pomona, CA? Bathroom Windows, Skylights, Office Doors & More

There are many features you can put in your home that you don’t realize what an impact they are going to make until they are there. Glass can be one of those design features that has a large impact to make your home a beautiful place. One type of glass that is especially beautiful and adds a layer of privacy to a room is frosted glass. There are more places that you might think that frosted glass can be used in your home. M & M Glass is here to talk about a few different places that you can incorporate frosted glass in your home.

What is the Purpose of Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is a pane of glass that is sandblasted or chemically etched to make it more opaque and less transparent. If there are any areas in your home that you are worried about having the privacy that you need but don’t want to lose any natural light, frosted glass can be a great option to get that result. When you choose this type of glass, you have two options, sandblasted frosted glass or acid etched frosted glass.

Frosted Glass Uses in a Bathroom, Office & Home

There are several different places that homeowners often choose to put frosted glass in their home. Here are some of the most common areas.
– Bathrooms: Is there any place in your home that you want privacy more than in the bathroom? Frosted glass can be a great option for bathroom windows as well as shower enclosures to give you the privacy that you need. This glass is also great in high moisture areas like a bathroom, so you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew growth.
– Bedrooms: There are several ways that you can use frosted glass in your bedroom areas as well. This is a great option for closet doors that you would like to have kept private but are looking for a more modern take on the space.
– Skylights: Using a skylight is a great way to get light into the interior rooms of your home. However, if you have normal clear glass in your skylight, you can deal with sun glares that aren’t always ideal. Frosted glass allows you to still get ample natural light without the glaring of the sun.
– Offices: If you have a home office that you don’t want to have glass doors on but would still like the open feeling that the natural light can bring, you can consider putting frosted glass doors on your office. That way, the room can feel larger and more spacious as well as well lit.

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