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Why Should You Replace Builder Grade Windows in Norco, CA? Stop Drafts, Hazy Glass, Noise & More

If you are like many homeowners, there are probably several things you would like to do to upgrade your home. While flooring, paint and landscaping might be at the top of your list, you may want to consider the windows too if you are dealing with builder grade windows. The truth is builder grade windows are made of some of the cheapest window materials out there and aren’t built to last. M & M Glass is here to share some reasons you should consider replacing your builder grade windows.

Are Builder Grade Windows Good or Bad?

There are several reasons you should want to get rid of the builder grade windows in your home. Following are the top reasons homeowners choose to make the change.
– Stop Drafts: You pay a lot of money to keep your home both cool and warm. When you can feel drafts coming in from your windows, you know that the air you have worked so hard to cool or heat is slipping right through your windows. It can be expensive to have drafty windows.
– No More Hazy Glass: One of the main purposes of windows is to let natural light flood your home. Over time, you will notice that builder grade windows start to have a hazy look to them no matter how much you clean them. Windows made from quality materials will give you a clear view of the great outdoors.
– Reduce Noise: The thicker the glass that make up your windows, the better noise cancellation you will find. No one wants to hear street noise while they are inside their home. Upgraded windows are comprised of much thicker glass.
– Increase Home Value: If you are looking for ways to increase the value of your home, replacing builder grade windows with upgraded ones will do it. Buyers are attracted to upgraded windows because they know what a difference it can make in the home.
– Lower Energy Bills: Because you won’t be losing any air in your home to drafts when you upgrade your windows, you will see savings on your energy bills every month. While it may cost money to upgrade your windows, you will see savings in other ways that can help counterbalance the cost.
– Better Warranty: When you upgrade your windows, you will get to take advantage of a stronger warranty. This can give you peace of mind, kind of like a solid home warranty. Many homeowners don’t realize the warranty will be so much better until after they have replaced the windows, but this can be a nice bonus.

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If you have builder grade windows in your home, you should consider upgrading them with high quality windows that we offer at M & M Glass. We will ensure they are installed properly so that you can enjoy their beauty and functionality for years to come. Call us today!

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