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Why You Should Replace Windows when Home Remodeling in Monterey Park, CA; More Energy Efficient & More

Remodeling is always a gratifying project to get done inside the home. The prospects can be very exciting to say the least. With the types of flooring, new countertops, storage solutions, adoring light fixtures, fresh paint, and other exciting elements, many homeowners overlook an important element, and that’s the window upgrades. The innovative advancements in modern home upgrades really helps the house become more energy efficient, resulting a more cost-effective operation from month to month as well. When it comes to energy efficient windows, you do not have to sacrifice style. These technological advances are not only designed to reduce heating and cooling bills, but they have many advantages. To help clarify the way window technology works, we at M & M Glass would like to further expound how these energy efficient windows efficiency features keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Window Spacer Systems

Instead of metal as a window insulation, 100% polymer structural foam is used in order to help keep your windows thermally efficient and condensation free. There is a specific patented manufacturing in some windows that can lower the U value or the rate of heat loss by .01. When it comes window efficiency, the lower the U value, the greater the efficiency.

Window Glass Coating

To contribute to blocking up to 90% of the sun’s rays as well as retain the heat inside when it’s cold and outside when it’s hot a Low-emissivity glass also known as Low-E glass is used to enhance the energy efficiency of the windows. Additionally, there are other options to boost the efficiency including window tints, reflective coatings, and gas fills. To help save you on your heating and cooling costs, these features were specifically designed.

Window Technology

Multiple panes of glass and the use of gas is implemented in a lot of the latest technologies to windows. The UV rays are increasingly blocked with double and triple paned glass. Contributing to increasing year-round comfort indoors in addition to preventing the fabrics, flooring, and other surfaces from fading effects of the sub, the triple paned glass window is able to block up to 97% of the UV rays. Filling the space between the insulated glass with Krypton gas to further reduce heat transfer is another technological advancement the more energy efficient windows are commonly equipped with.

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If windows are not equipped with the proper glass, coatings, and spacers, the windows are like a thermal hole. Literally going right out the window is an estimated one third of the money spent on heating and air conditioning costs. Thankfully, with so many technologies designed to increase the energy efficiency of the windows, all homeowners need to be concerned with is investing in the upgrade and replacing the old, outdated, inefficient windows. With a return on the investment in the long run, replacing the windows with energy efficient upgrades is in your better interest, especially when you include it with your remodel. Whether you are considering a remodel and want to include the window replacements, or are simply interested in the window upgrades, contact M & M Glass and let our qualified specialists assist you!

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