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Window Tinting Benefits for Commercial and Residential Windows in Irvine, CA; Block UV Rays & More

California is a state that gets a lot of sun, which makes window tinting essential for both commercial and residential buildings. Tinting your windows helps in many ways for both business and homes. For those who don’t have tinted windows or find that it is time to re-tint, M & M Glass would like to share the benefits of window tinting and why you should have your windows tinted.

Custom Light to Dark Window Tint

There are many benefits of tinting window that applies to both homeowners and businesses. Even though the benefits are fairly equal, a business and homes have very different needs. A business building such as an office or storefront property has very large windows. Some business owners will want the tint to completely reflect and block out the sun while other business owners will want the inside to still be visible from the outside. A home will have smaller windows typically, but windows that range in size. One of the first benefits of window tinting is that there are a variety of tints that can be used. Additionally, the tinting film can be cut to fit any size or shape of window. With a good glass and tinting service, you do not have to worry whether or not your windows can be tinted, they can.

Tinted Windows Block UV Rays

Window tinting can block out up to 99% of the harmful UV rays and yet still allow light through. Both homes and businesses would rather use natural light during the day. It helps to save energy and provides great lighting. However, for those who are exposed to the UV rays for extended periods of time can develop sunburns and even skin cancer. To prevent cancer and still have sunlight during the day, window tinting is the answer. As tinting will block the UV rays of the sun, you are also reducing the amount of heat the sunlight will produce inside your home. Too much sunlight will cause the inside of the building or home to heat up. In the summer time this will mean you are running your A/C more and more. With window tinting you can save money by reducing the heat that comes through the windows.

Window Tinting Can Reduce Glare

At times the window placement can cause glare on your computer monitor, the TV and other screens. Many times that glare can hit you just enough that the glare blinds you and irritates your eyes. A constant glare can even begin to burn the surface as it acts like a magnifying glass. In short, the glare is no good. To get rid of the glare in your business or home, window tinting, especially, the reflective tints can get rid of the glare.

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If you feel like you live in a cave in the summer time trying to block out all sunlight, you do not have too. Window tinting can help both homes and businesses. The variety of tint makes finding the right shade and look easy. The right tint can even improve curbside appeal. If you need your home or business windows tinted, contact M & M Glass today.

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