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Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting of Glass Office Buildings in Hacienda Heights, CA

Retail stores, storefront, and other commercial buildings often have large windows. Windows can bring the natural light in during the day and reduce the power needs. Stores rely on the windows to help advertise their services and/or goods. Even though windows help a business, sometimes they can also be a burden. Windows can also allow the heat to come in and the building of your business now feels like a green house. Sometimes the sunlight can be blinding or even cause damages. However, there are solutions M & M Glass would like to share on how window tinting can help bring more comfort to your business.

Does Window Tinting Save Energy Costs?

When you tint your window, you are upping up a layer that helps to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters inside the building. There are different types of window tints but most have a reflective element that help reduce as much as 70% of the heat inside the building. By reducing the heat inside the building the business can save up to 35% on their power bill each month. Tinting your windows is fast and effective. When a business needs help reducing their electrical bills, window tinting can help.

Does Office Window Tinting Provide Privacy at Night?

Window tinting can also provide privacy. Not all businesses, such as office buildings or factories, want to advertise what goes on inside the building. People sitting at a computer all day aren’t very interesting to say the least. When the nature of the business would prefer privacy over advertisement, window tinting can help provide a bit of privacy. The reflective tint is like a mirror for those looking from the outside while those inside can still look outwards.

Commercial Window Tint Protects Employees & Goods

When the sunlight enters the inside of the building, the UV rays can do a lot of damage and harm. The UV rays can cause carpet and furniture to fade and office chairs to become brittle. The UV rays are also harmful to people. As we all well know, the UV rays from the sun in longer and constant exposure, can lead into skin cancer. When the sun passes through glass, it can help magnify the intensity of the UV rays. For those who work near the windows they are at risk of skin cancer. To prevent the damage and health concerns of your staff, again, window tinting can help.

How Long Does a Window Tint Last & How Do You Maintain It?

Where window tinting can help a business and even a home, many businesses are concerned about the maintenance and longevity of the tint material. Window tint can easily last 10 years. They are fast to install and will provide the business relief from the intense UV rays of the sun. Window tinting not only lasts, but they are also easy to maintain. Maintaining a tinted window is essentially the same as a non-tinted window. The tint doesn’t require additional care. The outer tint can be scratched and damaged due to heavy impacts or someone cutting on the window. However, even glass will become damaged from impacts as well. You don’t need to worry about additional care for tinted window maintenance as it will remain the same.

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Both businesses and homes can have their windows tinted and receive the same benefits. When you need window tinting done at your home or business, contact M & M Glass today.

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