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What Direction Should Window Face for Sunlight, Plants, Energy Efficiency & More in Montebello, CA

As you build or remodel a home, you are surely faced with hundreds of decisions both large and small. One thing that you may be trying to figure out is window placement and orientation. If you haven’t ever put new windows in a home, you have probably not given this much thought. It is important that you take window placement and orientation into account though as you are choosing the right windows for your home. M & M Glass is here to talk about orientation and placement and why this matters so much.

Why is Window Orientation a Big Deal

Aside from choosing the type of glass, window frame and quality of the windows you are choosing for your new home, you should take into considerations the orientation and placement as well. This can have an impact on several aspects of your everyday life. It impacts things like:
– Energy Efficiency
– Style & Appearance
– Your View into the Outdoors

How to Choose the Right Window Orientation

With efficiency in mind, you can plan your window orientation to make your windows work for you. If you live in a cooler climate, you will want your windows oriented toward the sun to help heat your home. In places where you experience significant heat, you will want the windows oriented away from the sun to avoid the extra heat the sun brings. Following are what different orientations have to give.
– Northern Exposure: If you are looking for a way to beat the heat the sun brings, north facing windows can give you adequate lighting while avoiding the intense heat that comes from brighter windows.
– Southern Exposure: This will give you the most light exposure through your windows. It can be helpful in the winter. In the summer, these windows will also work to heat your home as well. South facing windows are your best locations for plant growth.
– Eastern Exposure: You will get significant light in the early morning hours. If you don’t want to wake up with the sun, you may not want to have east facing windows in your bedroom. If you love waking up with the sun, you’ll love an east facing window.
– Western Exposure: You can watch the sun set through a west facing window. The beautiful, warm glow is appealing to many. Remember that it can glare and may not be ideal for your TV room. If you love watching the sunset, you’ll like west facing windows.

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The windows in your home play a key role in the overall feel of your home. Ample natural light can help increase your mood, play a role in the overall design of your home and have a big impact on the efficiency of your house. Placing your windows in the right place can help you save significantly on your energy bills monthly. If you are building a new home and choosing the right orientation and windows for your home, you can count on the glass experts at M & M Glass to help ensure you have beautiful windows when all is said and done. Call us today!

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